U.S. Driver’s License Scanner SDK

Extract data from U.S. Driver’s Licenses as key-value pairs

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Fast, accurate, and secure U.S. driver's license scanning

Expand your mobile or web application with our U.S. driver’s license scanning software. The Scanbot SDK quickly and reliably extracts data from AAMVA PDF417 barcodes on U.S. driver’s licenses, returning plain key-value pairs.

Replace slow, error-prone manual data entry with fast, accurate automatic data extraction. The Scanbot SDK works entirely offline, without any server connections, ensuring reliable scanning performance and strong data security.

Available for apps

Available for apps

Available for web

Available for web

Scan AAMVA data on U.S. Driver’s Licenses

The PDF417 barcode on the back of a driver’s license contains a large number of data elements, all of which our SDK can parse and present in a human-readable format. These are the mandatory data elements on AAMVA documents, with the three letters in front representing the data item’s corresponding element ID:

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