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It’s all about your individual journey

Growth and learning are central to our culture. We support every team member’s individual education efforts and happily provide books, online courses, and weekly coaching sessions.

But it’s not just about books and seminars – we highly value learning by doing. Every team member takes on challenges and responsibilities from the start. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes: They’re the cornerstone of growth and development.

With our open feedback culture and flat hierarchy, every employee can develop their full potential without being held back by a complex chain of command. We are all about growing together – with us, you can define and reach your career goals.

An office space to spark your creativity

Since our founding in 2011, Bonn has been the hub of our work. The Scanbot SDK villa in the heart of Bonn offers our employees a highly adaptable working environment. We think a flexible space is necessary for creativity and productivity to flourish. You can work in our agile or the formal meeting rooms, the lounge area, or simply at your adjustable desk in an office with your teammates.

Meanwhile, our workplace also helps you keep your mind clear throughout a productive day, whether through a workout in our internal gym, a reading session in our Scanbot library, or a stroll along the Rhine. And there are also plenty of lunch options nearby!

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of living and working in Bonn? Check out what our team members have to say.

Be Heard. Be Respected. Be Valued.

Scanbot SDK stands for diversity and inclusion. Together, we create an environment where everyone achieves results and feels heard, respected, and valued because of their individual personality and skills – regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, gender, disability, or age. Everyone’s experience is unique, and we want to be proactive about ensuring a safe space for all our team members.

Our vision is simple: a workplace where people can be open about their thoughts, ideas, and worries – regardless of their role within the company. We believe that diversity, open communication, and a flat hierarchy are the foundation of creativity, productivity, and success.

Transparency & accountability: It’s all about the “How”

To us at Scanbot SDK, it’s not only important what we’re doing, but also how we’re doing it. We’re committed to taking a sustainable approach to business and always look at the bigger picture. That’s why we created a sustainability policy and took the UN Global Compact as an inspiration for several key metrics that we monitor and evaluate continuously.

In addition to this core set of sustainability metrics, we decide which aspects we will focus on for each year and why. We then define clear mid- and long-term goals and keep all employees informed about our progress in our yearly sustainability report. This ensures that we work in a transparent and accountable manner.

Every employee is invited to become an integral part of our sustainability strategy. This includes, among other things, the active enforcement of equal rights for all employees and the conscientious use of resources, such as water or energy. By putting values like diversity, employee satisfaction, environmental impact, and ethics into focus, we want to live up to our responsibilities that go beyond our core business.

Get to know our team

6 unique experiences


Right after graduating from university, I was looking for the right company to start my career in. Joining Scanbot as a marketing intern looked like a fantastic opportunity, and I don't think this time could have gone any better. I appreciate the learning opportunities given not just by the company but also by my colleagues. Everyone is willing to share their expertise and help each other. Because of the trust I got as an intern, I could work on projects that created the foundation for my full-time employment!


Scanbot SDK has given me a lot of trust, guidance, and flexibility to test new ideas right from the start. When I joined as a Customer Success Manager in 2020, I got the opportunity to test new processes while gradually taking on more and more responsibility. As Head of Customer Success, I am now in charge of all After-Sales operations in addition to our Customer Success strategy, which directly impacts the success of Scanbot SDK as a business. Being a Scanbot SDK team member has heavily influenced my personal and professional development, and I look forward to seeing what else is in store for me!

Yen Lin

Here at Scanbot SDK, everyone is open-minded and loves to see me bring in new ideas and work approaches – whether it's the C-level or my immediate colleagues. Our communication is always easy and straightforward. Especially as a visual designer, this is crucial to me, as I want to apply my creativity and skills without being restricted by existing concepts. I am glad to have found a company that allows me to live my passion and gives me the space my creative mind needs – and to have a lot of fun while doing so, thanks to my nice teammates!


Initially, I joined Scanbot SDK as a Senior Android Engineer. Unlike in my last job in a corporate environment, I can now directly impact all operations instead of just a limited part of the business – for example, by sharing my thoughts with the CEO during a relaxed tea break. Right from my start at Scanbot, I have been able to directly contribute to the product, the team, and the business. That’s why when the company opened the “Engineering Manager” position, I was excited to apply. Seeing the company believe in me and my ability to manage all development teams was amazing. My journey has been fascinating, and I look forward to the future!


I love working with people from a wide variety of nationalities every day. Especially as a recruiter, it is great to accompany all our new starters along their journey and get to know their different backgrounds and work experiences. That's how amazing ideas are created! Working at Scanbot SDK has taught me a lot about different cultures and has been a unique experience for me so far. I enjoy how we celebrate our differences daily and how this is shaping my work and personal growth.


Excited about a new adventure as an iOS developer, I recently relocated from Tunisia to Bonn for my work at Scanbot SDK. I’m thrilled to take part in the Scanbot experience, and I have discovered many new cultures and lifestyles. Embracing this change has been a rewarding journey. My teammates have been incredibly welcoming and have made the transition to my new work much smoother, assisting me with all aspects of relocating, such as paperwork and accommodation. They are all so nice and cool, creating a positive and inclusive work environment. I’m grateful to be a part of such a supportive team.

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