What is OCR – and how can you benefit from it?

What does OCR stand for? It means Optical Character Recognition. As the term OCR technology constantly mentioned with document management and document automation, many people wonder: What is OCR? It’s the process of detecting text in digital images by using highly complex computer vision algorithms.

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How does OCR work?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an image processing technology which provides a convenient way to convert paper documents into a digital format. During the process, an algorithm recognizes characters from printed documents and converts them into a searchable and editable digital format. OCR is often applied in business process automation workflows.

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What does OCR software do?

Document digitization through on-device OCR significantly increases productivity. Precisely, automated data processing accelerates your workflow by up to 40 times compared to manually entering the information. Moreover, utilizing OCR solutions enhances security standards as costly and often insecure local storage of confidential data becomes redundant.

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Why is OCR needed?

Are you currently wasting tremendous amounts of time and resources to capture or process thousands of documents? Then you can benefit by using an OCR Scanner SDK to boost your productivity and optimize your business workflows. Additionally, most SDKs are customizable to your needs. Therefore, the SDK is a flexible and fast solution for many industries including banking, insurance, logistics, accounting or healthcare.

What is the right OCR for you?

Are you planning to integrate an OCR scanning solution into your workflow? Then you should plan ahead and get to know the differentiators between the available solutions.

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1. Offline vs. Online Solutions

Offline solutions work on the individual device and the data never leaves that device. This is crucial for handling sensitive data in the insurance or banking sectors. The solution also complies with complicated data handling standards in the world like the GDPR/DSGVO.

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2. How to integrate it into the workflow

OCR Scanner SDKs can be easily integrated into your existing mobile apps. Depending on the development platform, implementation takes as short as 3 business days and allows for smooth and fast integration. Hence, getting acquainted with what is OCR and how it can optimize your workflow is crucial to position your business for the digital transformation.

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3. Volume vs. Flat-rate Solutions?

Volume and flat-rate models are the most common pricing models for OCR scanning SDKs. While volume models charge a price per document or user plus the installation fee, flat-rate solutions refer to a set price irrespective of the scanned document number. Thus, when digitizing high amounts of documents or you cannot foresee the amounts of scans, a flat-rate pricing model is often beneficial and saves you from unpleasant surprises.

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4. Is your OCR software accurate?

To provide reliable data, extraction accuracy is crucial to provide flawless digital formats and enable searching functions. Hence, Document Scanning SDKs which incorporate technologies such as machine learning to optimize data recognition and extraction are an optimal choice. But high accuracy even starts before the scan. A good user guidance system that avoids common mistakes like extreme angles or a too small document in the camera frame will ensure the best possible quality.

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5. The Importance of Language Recognition

In an international business environment, the recognition of a high variety of languages is essential. Currently, solutions which can recognize more than 100 languages exist but are often only based on Latin characters. Therefore, look for an OCR scanning solution which also supports Asian and Arabic character sets to avoid system changes when taking your business global.

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