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October 8, 2020

The term OCR is short for “Optical Character Recognition.” Since this new technology is continuously mentioned regarding document management and document automation, you might have one question on your mind: What is Optical Character Recognition? And how can I benefit from this function? Briefly said, Optical Character Recognition stands for the process of detecting text in digital images by using highly complex computer vision algorithms. It turns documents into PDFs within seconds!

Text is being extracted from a document and turned into a searchable PDF file

How does OCR work?

Optical Character Recognition is an image processing technology that provides a convenient way to extract data from paper documents and turn it into a digital format. During the process, an algorithm recognizes characters from printed documents and creates searchable and editable PDFs. It is often applied in business process automation workflows.

OCR offers translation, fulltext search, annotations & edits, sharing, data extraction, and automated processing

What are the benefits of using OCR-software?

Document digitization through on-device OCR significantly increases productivity. Precisely, automated data processing accelerates your workflow by up to 40 times compared to manually entering the information contained in your documents. Moreover, utilizing such solutions enhances security standards since costly and often insecure local storage of confidential data becomes redundant.

Example documents OCR can be performed on

Why do you need an OCR SDK to simplify your workflows?

At the moment, you are probably wasting tremendous amounts of time and resources to capture or process thousands of documents. By using a Scanbot OCR Scanner SDK, you can boost your productivity and optimize your business workflows. Most SDKs are customizable to your needs, which makes it a flexible, fast, and easy solution for various industries such as insurance, transportation, accounting or retail.

Another advantage: Once you have scanned a paper document, you won’t have to worry about inefficient and cost-intensive storage options for the physical copy!

Is the software provided by Scanbot SDK accurate?

Extraction accuracy is crucial to provide flawless digital formats and enable searching functions. Since Scanbot SDK is incorporating technologies such as machine learning to optimize data recognition and extraction, it is the perfect choice to perform this task. Yet, high accuracy starts even before the scan is being taken. Our user guidance system will ensure the best possible quality to guarantee you perfect text recognition.

OCR extracts text accurately

Does Scanbot’s OCR SDK support various languages?

In an international business environment, being able to identify and process a great variety of languages is essential when performing OCR on a document. Currently, most solutions can recognize more than 100 languages but are restricted to Latin characters. Scanbot's SDK additionally supports diverse Arabic and Asian languages.

Various languages are being supported

Are you interested in integrating an OCR SDK into your workflow? Please take a look at the following information regarding different solutions, pricing, and integration.

Offline vs. Online Solutions

Offline solutions are based on recognizing and storing documents on the device only. Therefore they compel with data handling standards such as  GDPR/DSGVO. This is crucial for handling sensitive data in the insurance or banking sector. Due to the flexibility of the SDK, it can not just be used as an offline solution. Your developers can implement it in any kind of app and make it either possible to share documents online or block that option to prevent privacy issues.

Scans are safe from external attacks due to high privacy standards

How can you integrate the Scanbot OCR SDK into your workflow?

OCR Scanner SDKs can be easily integrated into your existing mobile app. Depending on the development platform, implementation takes as short as three business days and allows smooth and fast integration.

Volume vs. Flat-Rate Solutions

Volume and flat-rate models are the most common pricing models for Text Recognition (OCR) SDKs. While volume models charge a price per document or user, plus the installation fee, flat-rate solutions refer to a set price irrespective of the number of scanned documents. Thus, when digitalizing high or unpredictable amounts of documents, a flat-rate pricing model allows you to work with a budget that has been determined in advance. In order to guarantee transparency and calculable costs, we exclusively offer flat-rate solutions with no hidden fees, based on your personal budget.

Did we catch your interest in this article about Optical Character Recognition and the benefits of implementing OCR technology into your app? Then don’t hesitate to contact our Solution Experts for more information. We'd love to discuss your ideas. In case you want to know more about the usage of text recognition in the insurance industry, feel free to check it here.

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Taxfix – Tax Advice

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