2020 comes with a fresh start for Scanbot & Unfade

The year is only a few months old, and we already have a big announcement to make. In the last two years, we have maintained two separate businesses. On the one hand, we poured a lot of heart into our B2C apps Scanbot and Unfade and on the other hand, we took care of our B2B product Scanbot SDK. The company is growing, but so are the requests and the time required for our business products. The Scanbot SDK has become immensely successful and is now used by more than 200 companies worldwide. This growth has led us to the decision – and this was definitely not an easy one – that it would be most beneficial for both you and our business customers if someone else were to take care of our consumer apps. While it’s always tough to say goodbye we are happy to have found a new home with a great team that has a lot of experience and is willing to continue, optimize, maintain, and develop the apps as we would. From now on, Maple Media is the new owner and will be responsible for the Scanbot and Unfade apps. They will continue our work to build the best and award-winning scanner apps.

What it means for you

As a user of the apps, nothing for you will change and the apps will continue to be available in the App Store and Google Play Store. No features or functionality will change and you can use everything as you have in the past. There are a few minor changes in the works, here is what to expect: 

  • We’ve worked with Maple Media to update the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the app, which maintain the same or greater protections for you as a user going forward. Your data will not be transferred to Maple Media and no document data will be stored or collected by Maple Media. However, Maple Media will become the service provider of the app & your subscription and handle future app updates and user support. A prompt will appear soon in your app that will allow you to review and accept the new terms. 
  • The name of the Scanbot app will change in the coming months, as it will stay with us for the website scanbot.io which will focus exclusively on our business products. Don’t worry, the app icon won’t be going anywhere & will be the same going forward.  
  • Support will now be provided around the clock, so you should anticipate even faster response times from Maple Media. However, we’ll primarily support English language and will be focusing on direct requests from the app, and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) will only be used for product updates, rather than support. 
  • Independent from the acquisition, we are sunsetting our integrations with Wunderlist and Shoeboxed as these services are being shut down and almost no users utilize these functions. 

Privacy & Data

As you know, privacy is very important to us and core to our products. Scanbot or Unfade don’t collect any personal data and we never have access to your documents or photos. As a result, no personal data will be transferred to Maple Media. If you have signed up for the newsletter, you have the chance to unsubscribe within a period of six weeks starting from March 5th, 2020 to prevent your email address from carrying over to the new owner. Maple Media has expressed their commitment to following all applicable privacy and data security regulations and will include notice for your review in an upcoming app update. 

Thank you

We want to express a heartfelt thank you for using Scanbot and Unfade and being part of our journey for a long time – what a ride! More than 14,000 people were in touch with our support last year, and we could help 99.9% of them. The app’s usage continues to grow and you have created a record number of 31 million documents in 2019. We believe 2020 will be even better and can’t wait to see the great things to come with Maple Media now at the helm.


In case of questions or if you just want to say hello please feel free to contact Maple Media via the email address support@scanproapp.com.

If you do not agree that your email address carries over to Maple Media, simply use the unsubscribe button in the next email that you receive from us or fill out the form for Scanbot and Unfade.

Best wishes and take care,