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Secure data scanning for websites & web applications

Reliable & secure data scanning anywhere at any time

Analog data can only be processed automatically if it is captured in an editable format first. With the Scanbot Data Scanner SDK for the web, you can extract single-line data with your website or web application, complying with the highest data protection standards. Add data scanning to your app and say good bye to manual data entry. Streamline your business processes and reduce costs and workload now.

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Example use cases for the Data Scanner

Data Scanner workflow automation

Workflow automation

Automate crucial workflows by extracting single-line data in any pattern from documents, meters, or other analog sources.

Data Scanner Instant data processing

Rapid data processing

Instantly turn information patterns into data for automatic backend processing.

Data scanner custom pattern data extraction

Custom-pattern data extraction

Build your own recognition pattern to fit any use case that requires single-line data extraction.

Data Scanner SDK – benefits for your enterprise

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Fast & reliable

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Flat license fee

On-device solution for maximum privacy & usability

As an enterprise, you want a mobile data capture solution that works anywhere, anytime, and to the highest possible privacy standards. That is why our scanning SDKs operate solely on the mobile device. They will never track or send any data to any third-party server.
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GDPR & CCPA Compliant

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Location Independent

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No External Servers

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