Enable secure data extraction with a NFC Reader SDK

Capture data from international passports in your app with Scanbot’s NFC Passport Reader SDK

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Mobile device NFC scanner

Lightning fast & secure – NFC scanning with the Scanbot SDK

For automatic ID processing, you need to extract the data as key-value pairs first. With the Scanbot SDK your app can quickly and accurately read the NFC chips now found in virtually all international passports, reducing costly and time-consuming manual data entry. Our software extracts and parses all relevant personal information in compliance with highest data protection standards.

Mobile data capture NFC scanner

Example use cases for the NFC scanner

NFC passenger onboarding

Passenger onboarding

Speed up passenger onboarding in airports by extracting relevant information from the NFC chips in biometric ID documents.

NFC customer verification

Customer verification

Verify customers’ identities with the information extracted from their ePassports.

NFC customer onboarding

Customer onboarding

Simplify customer onboarding in mobile apps by allowing users to scan NFC-enabled IDs.

NFC passports - detect, scan & extract

Scan the CAN and extract all relevant information from the NFC chip:

NFC German Passport Scanner
  1. Document type
  2. Document Id
  3. Name
  4. Given names
  5. Portrait image
  6. Date of birth
  7. Gender
  8. Nationality
  9. Date of expiry
  10. Issuing authority

On-device solution for maximum privacy & usability

As an enterprise, you want a mobile data capture solution that works anywhere, anytime, and to the highest possible privacy standards. That is why our scanning SDKs operate solely on the mobile device. They will never track or send any data to any third-party server.
GDPR & CCPA Compliant Icon

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

Location Independent Icon

Location Independent

No External Servers Icon

No External Servers

Learn more about our mobile data capture solutions for ID documents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please refer to our FAQs.

How does the NFC Passport Reader for apps work?

Our NFC Passport Reader is based on machine learning. First, it scans the Card Access Number (CAN) of NFC-enabled international passports. With the CAN, the relevant personal data can then be read from the chip.

Is the Scanbot NFC Passport Reader safe from fraud?

Yes. Our solution works 100% offline. Thus, no extracted data is ever tracked or sent to external servers. To avoid unrestricted access to personal data, the user must scan the passport’s CAN before other information can be accessed.

Which platforms are supported by the NFC Passport Reader?

Scanbot’s NFC Passport Reader is suitable for native iOS & Android development, and all standard hybrid development platforms.

Does Scanbot offer other ID scanning solutions?

Yes. Check out our extensive Data Capture overview and discover the right solution for your use case. Can’t find it? Contact our experts now, so we can collaborate on a suitable solution for your enterprise.