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Fast data capture with the Driver's License Barcode Scanner SDK

Extract personal data in your app with the Scanbot Driver’s License SDK.

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Mobile US Drivers License Scanner

Capture data from PDF417 driver’s license barcodes instantly

Automated workflows require quick, accurate data extraction. Let your app take advantage of our machine-learning and on-device algorithms to capture data from the PDF417 code on US driver’s licenses. That way, we help you increase automation and cut manual data entry costs.

US Drivers license Data Capture PDF 417

Example use cases for the US Driver's License Scanner

US drivers license customer onboarding

Customer onboarding

Simplify customer onboarding by extracting data from the PDF417 barcode on US driver’s licenses.

us drivers license age verification

Age verification

Easy age verification through US driver’s license scanning.

US Drivers license fleet management

Fleet management

Integrate US driver’s license scanning to optimize internal fleet management processes.

On-device solution for maximum privacy & usability

As an enterprise, you want a mobile data capture solution that works anywhere, anytime, and to the highest possible privacy standards. That is why our scanning SDKs operate solely on the mobile device. They will never track or send any data to any third-party server.
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GDPR & CCPA Compliant

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Location Independent

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No External Servers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please refer to our FAQs.

How does the US Driver’s License Scanner work?

The Scanbot Driver’s License Scanner SDK scans the PDF417 barcode that is found on all US driver’s licenses. By scanning the code, the user can access all relevant personal information regarding the license owner.

Which use cases can my enterprise cover with the Driver’s License Scanner SDK?

You can apply it to a wide variety of use cases, such as customer onboarding, age verification, or fleet management across various industries.

Does Scanbot offer other solutions for customer verification?

Yes, we do. Check out our full Data Capture Overview to discover the right solution for your use case. Can’t find it? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts so we can collaborate on a suitable solution for your enterprise.

Which development platforms are supported by the Driver’s License Scanner?

Scanbot’s Driver’s License Scanner is suitable for native iOS & Android development, and most standard hybrid development platforms.