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Mobile Data Capture for Cordova Framework

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Integrate comprehensive Cordova Data Capture capabilities into your mobile app in no time. Extract information from complex documents as key-value pairs. Leverage our ready-to-use customizable user interface, quick integration, and perfect results: the best GDPR- and CCPA-compliant software solution for your enterprise.

Capture data from German and US Driver licenses with the Driver License Scanner

Capture data from German Driver licenses with the Cordova Driver License Scanner

Enable mobile data capture by integrating the US Driver's License SDK featuring robust PDF417 Barcode Scanning into your mobile application. Add our GDPR- and CCPA compliant solution within one day. Integrate natively, or utilizing any standard hybrid platform. Leverage easy-to-use features and a customizable user interface for U.S. driver’s licenses, or data extraction features for German ones, into your mobile app.

Enable mobile data capture by integrating the German Driver's License SDK into your mobile application. Add our GDPR- and CCPA compliant solution within one day and leverage easy-to-use features and a customizable user interface inside your mobile app.

Document type

Document ID


Given names

Date of birth



Date of expiry

Issuing authority

Single-line OCR

The Data Scanner SDK, in particular, allows high flexibility, enabling the capture of any one-lined information without demanding a rectangular document.


Process automation

User Guidance

1-day integration

Fast & reliable

Learn more about our data extraction modules

Our data extraction modules are designed to extract key-value pair data from specific document types.

Key Requirements

Mobile Platform

  • Android 5.0 (API Level 21) and higher
  • iOS 11 or higher


Rear-facing camera with autofocus


  • Android: armeabi-v7, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
  • iOS: arm64, armv7, x86_64, i386

Development Tool

  • Node.js, npm
  • Cordova CLI 9.x+

Cordova Platforms

  • Cordova Android 8.1+
  • Cordova iOS 5.1+

Specific Notes for Android Development

  • AndroidX enabled Cordova Android project required. Please note that this plugin does not work with the deprecated Android Support Libs.
  • We don’t support rooted Android devices (custom ROMs)

Specific Notes for iOS Development

  • macOS with the latest Xcode and Command Line Tools


This Plugin does not work on other platforms such as Windows Phone, Desktop or Web Apps.

Learn more about our range of features

Automatic Scanning & Cropping

User Guidance

Ready-to-Use UI

Local storage encryption

Perspective Correction


Blur Detection

Multiple Export formats (jpg, tiff, pdf)

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