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Experience a fast & reliable Barcode Scanning SDK!

Having trouble with volume-based pricing? Integrate fast and reliable Barcode Scanning – at a fixed price

How Leroy Merlin can benefit from Scanbot SDK’s fixed pricing model

Unlimited scanning at a fixed price

Our mobile barcode scanning solutions come at a fixed annual cost, providing Leroy Merlin with total planning security. Don’t worry about how many users you have, how many devices there are, or how many barcodes are scanned. Your license will include unlimited scanning, all updates, and complete enterprise support – with direct Slack access to our developers.

Learn more about how Rimi Baltic reduced its Scan & Go costs by 90% using the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK.

Key features:

Fixed pricing

Continuous updates

Support via Slack

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Barcode Scanning that works fast and reliable – even in challenging situations

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK allows Leroy Merlin‘s customers and employees to scan barcodes in under 0.2 seconds – no matter the conditions. Bad lighting or scans from an angle are no problem. Our solution is capable of capturing even damaged or crumpled barcodes.

With Scanbot SDK’s reliability and easy-to-use interface, you can create the “WOW” effect that you want for your customers.

Key features:

Barcode accuracy

98.7% accuracy

Fast & reliable

Fully offline

Scanbot was able to provide the best pricing model, which made it possible for us to keep our original self-scanning expansion plans. With Scanbot, we were able to optimize costs and focus on providing our customers with the best self-service experience in stores.

— Anna Aleksandrova
Product Owner @ Rimi Baltic

— Anna Aleksandrova
Product Owner @ Rimi Baltic

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In summary: Why is Scanbot SDK the perfect partner for Leroy Merlin?

We don’t want our customers to worry about variable prices. Our price stays the same, no matter if your scan volume increases.

An attractive price is one thing. The Scanbot SDK will also deliver outstanding scanning performance that impresses every single user.

Small, crumpled or damaged barcodes are absolutely no problem for the Scanbot SDK. The barcode scanner is resilient even under the most challenging circumstances.

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Worry-free fixed pricing

0.2 seconds barcode scanning

Scan barcodes in any condition

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