Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK

Integrate our ready-to-use UI Components with only a few lines of code. Benefit from a proven user experience, super fast integration time, and customizable colors and text to match your brand.

Available on all major platforms






React Native




Why using the Scanbot SDK is better than writing your own code


Highest expertise

10 years of experience, 200+ customers worldwide, 20 Mn. MAUs, and the fastest scanning solutions on the market.


Add complex features to your applications without complex integrations. Integrate within just a few days.

Included maintenance & updates

Full-service flat fee - Includes new features, maintenance, updates, and unlimited usage of the SDK.

Developing Yourself

Significant learning & testing effort

Developing a user-friendly mobile scanning solution and UI is not just about coding ; it requires a lot of learning and long testing efforts for developers.

Time-consuming development

Developing an accurate scanning solution requires a lot of time. Self-Development usually takes longer than forecasted.

Extensive maintenance & updates

Keeping up with ever-advancing development environments, operating systems, and bugs is complex and time-consuming.

Scanbot makes the developers' lives easy – benefit from our solutions!

Quick integration

Adding the Scanbot SDK into your app is easy. It can be integrated within only one week!

Privacy & usability

100% offline - We never process, track, or store any data on our or any 3rd party server.

Customizable SDK

Our SDK is easy to customize. You can simply adjust the UI and UX to fit your platform and users more conveniently.  We ensure that our SDK integrates perfectly with your application.

Available for all mobile platforms

The Scanbot SDK supports every common developer platform. No re-coding necessary, just integrate our SDK into your mobile or web application.

Fast & accurate scanning solution

Increase your productivity while reducing your process times and operational costs!

Enterprise-level support

Our support engineers are eager to solve any issue in no time. Directly communicate with our developers via Slack and exchange such as code snippets.

How to test our Barcode Scanner SDK

By following these simple steps, you can easily get started with the Scanbot SDK

Fill in our Trial License Form

Generate a unique license code for your web or mobile app

Choose the platform of your choice and install the Scanbot SDK package

Integrate the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK and your individual trial license code into your web application or mobile app

Try out and experience the benefits of our Scanner SDK for free (30 days)

Take a look how our clients benefit from the Scanbot SDK

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