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Streamline your packing process with a mobile barcode scanner inside your app

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Create an efficient fulfillment process with a high-accuracy barcode scanner

Today, barcodes are an integral part of the pick and pack process. Because mis-ships are costly, businesses implement extensive quality control. By adding verification steps during order fulfillment, they can confirm that the right items are shipped in the right quantity. Mobile barcode scanning is a time-saving and cost-effective way to ensure frictionless order processing and reduce shipping costs.

With the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK, your employees can scan any barcode on the go and access the encoded information directly on the mobile display. They no longer have to use a separate warehouse computer to see the data. This drastically shortens the time needed to collect and verify the orders. The picked items are automatically removed from the stock database, keeping inventory systems up to date without additional effort.

A scanning accuracy of 98.7% minimizes errors in order fulfillment. Additionally, batch scanning mode lets team members scan multiple barcodes in one go, accelerating your workflows tremendously.

Key feature highlights

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98.7% accuracy

113 barcodes per minute

All 1D and 2D barcodes

Fulfill orders with barcode scanner

Streamlined pick and pack with the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK

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The team member receives a consolidated pick list and immediately starts picking the needed items.

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To verify the items, they scan the attached barcode labels using the Barcode Scanner SDK. All scanned data is available directly on the device.

Step 3 image description

Picking is repeated until every individual order is ready to be packed for shipping.

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Once ready, the orders are re-checked by the responsible employees before they can be shipped.

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