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The Javascript QR Code Reader SDK turns mobile devices into fast & accurate barcode scanners.

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Smartphones: Quick, reliable, cost-efficient

Specialized hardware scanning devices are cost-intensive and require constant maintenance effort. Our QR Code scanning software turns any smartphone into a reliable & fast QR Code reader. Add our QR Code Reader SDK to your web apps within just one week: your employees and customers are going to love the new experience.

Licensing designed for Enterprise customers

Enterprise customers usually face QR Code scanning needs with large volume-based numbers, such as the number of users, scans, or downloads. Scanbot does not track these variables. Thus, we offer our solution as a yearly-flat license –you’ll never have to worry or be uncertain about the generated costs.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

No Volume Based Restrictions

Unlimited Usage

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The best QR Code Reader SDK for an extensive range of codes

It doesn’t matter if your web app or online portal is used by your employees or customers, you just expect a reliable experience and accurate results. Thus, we have developed our QR Code Scanning SDK through machine-learning algorithms that guarantee fast and accurate detection. 

Paired with the widest variety of barcodes covered, we can help you streamline your business processes – across any industry and along every individual process chain.

Anywhere at any time

QR Codes need to be detected efficiently - that's why we enable scanning in bad lighting conditions, with corrupted or broken codes, or if the scanning takes place in an unusual angle.

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