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Integrate our fast and easy-to-use MRZ scanner SDK into your application!

Our machine-readable zone (MRZ) recognition module enables you to quickly integrate passport-, ID document scanning, and data extraction features into your mobile applications. Do you want to automate your business processes? Then take advantage of our fast and easy-to-use SDK and bring high-class MRZ scanning into your mobile applications. With our SDK you can scan passports, visas & ID documents from more than 150 countries and extract all values such as document code, document type, first name, last name, date of birth, etc. from the MRZ for mobile identity verification. Moreover, you will receive the highest extraction accuracy while preventing errors from manual data entry.

Our MRZ Scanner SDK can be easily integrated within your existing mobile application and used via regular mobile devices. Through this, we prove that cutting-edge data extraction does not require costly investments in specialized reading devices. At Scanbot we know that simplicity and speed matter to you. Therefore, our MRZ Scanner SDK was designed for ease-of-use and saves a lot of costs by speeding up your users’ workflow significantly. Also, security is one of our primary concerns. For this reason, our MRZ Scanner SDK is a 100% offline solution which complies to high-class privacy standards.

How does it work?

mrz how it works on mobile phones
  1. Hold your mobile device over the document you would like to scan.
  2. An algorithm will automatically extract data from the machine-readable zone on your passport, visa or identification document.
  3. The extracted values are checked and converted into variables.
  4. You can instantly use the information in your app and speed up your workflow significantly. Congratulations! You've just experienced a fast, accurate, and automated customer verification process!

What are the advantages?

machine readable zones on id cards
  • Accuracy: Highest extraction precision. Checksums automatically verify the data.
  • Broad applicability: Wide range of documents and countries supported. We’re supporting the two-line (td-3, td-2) as well as the three-line (td-1, MRV-A, MRV-B) standards.
  • Security: Everything happens solely on your end users’ devices. Therefore, no network connection is required and no data is ever transferred to any external server.
  • Customization: Individualize the user interface by easily adapting the SDK to your CI.
  • Cost Savings: A fast integration and automated workflows will substantially reduce costs on your side while saving you from costly investments in specialized and inflexible reading devices.

You can use our MRZ Scanner SDK on the iOS and Android operating system. To find out if our SDK works with your development platform, please visit our platform comparison table.

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