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Use the best QR Code and Barcode Scanner SDK inside your app. Benefit from our easy to integrate Scanner SDK.

Integrate efficient and fast QR-Code scanning into your mobile applications

Benefit from our easy-to-use scanner SDK and enable the detection of QR Codes in your mobile apps. With our QR Code Scanner SDK, you can recognize and extract data from QR Codes as well as create workflows with additional modules. This makes it possible to detect a QR code on e.g. an invoice or shipping note and additionally save it as a PDF. The module does not require an internet connection and works as a non-server based solution. Our annual flat-rate license features unlimited installations and scans which makes it an optimal choice if the number of users varies a lot, or the amount of scans is hard to estimate.

Scanner SDK Fact Sheet

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How does it work?

Our QR code scanner SDK comes with a ready to use user interface and is easy to integrate. When you start the scanner, the mobile device detects the QR code in a split second and passes it to your app in a structured format.

What are the advantages of a QR Code Scanner SDK?

  1. A fast integration and automated workflow reduces costs.
  2. Customize the user interface by easily adapting the SDK to your CI.
  3. Easy to integrate and available for many development platforms.

Top QR-Code Scanner SDK features

The QR-Code Scanner SDK gives you fast and precise QR-Code scanning with lots of room for customization. You can use filters to look for specific codes or a batch mode to capture everything that the camera sees. Or you can combine it with document scanning to extract QR-Codes from documents and keep the scanned document as a PDF.

Many supported formats

The Scanbot QR-Code Scanner is able to scan all major 1D and 2D codes.

Scanning performance

The QR-Code SDK works on low-end devices and is able to scan codes in low light and at an angle.

GDPR, CCPA & DSGVO compliant

Due to the fact that the solution works 100% offline, it is compliant with any data privacy law.

Available on all major platforms

FAQ — Frequently asked questions

Is there an SDK available for both barcode- and QR code-scanning?

Yes, both functionalities are included in every package. 

How many characters can be stored in a QR code?

A QR code can hold a maximum of 7089 numeric characters and up to 4296 alphanumeric characters.

What are the advantages of a QR Code Scanner SDK?

  • Smartphones & tablets are less expensive than hardware scanners and less prone to damage.
  • Perfect scanning results even in bad lighting conditions or from an angle. 
  • An optimized, accelerated workflow.

How much does the QR Code Scanner SDK cost?

We offer four different packages (0, I, II, III), all of them containing the Barcode- and QR Code Scanner SDK. Please contact our Chief Sales Officer for more information regarding the pricing.

Which platforms are supported by the SDK?

Our SDK was natively developed for iOS (Swift, Obj-C) and Android (Kotlin, Java), but also supports common wrappers for all standard platforms, such as Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, Flutter, Cordova, Ionic, React Native, and PhoneGap. Example projects can be found on GitHub.

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