Mobile Identity Scanning Solutions

Collect verified personal data in one second. The Scanbot SDK offers multiple ways to scan identity documents such as ID cards, passports, or visa. Scanbot has become famous for its document scanning solutions, but the highly accurate recognition of text and classification based on patterns or machine learning now enables much broader use-cases.

Ausweis Scanner SDK

How the ID Scan works

We offer three technically different solutions to scan identity documents. First, you can scan the machine-readable-zone (MRZ) of any international passport, visa or many id cards (for example in the EU). The MRZ covers the most important data fields and features checksums, to automatically verify the data. To get 100% precision, you can use the NFC module to extract data from passports. Here, the data will be downloaded using near field communication. To get even more info, like the photo, all given names, the maiden name and more, you can use the ID scanner module, which scan the missing info with the camera.

Scanbot modules for ID scans

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Supported devices

Supported document types


Basically all international travel documents such as passport cards, passport booklets, visa stickers, and visa cards, but also identity- or ID-cards have MRZ codes on them.


All international passports with the biometric symbol are supported. According to Wikipedia, the feature was supported by 120 countries in 2017 and more than 500 million passports were handed out so far.

Camera Scan

Currently we only support German ID cards and passports in the photo scan solution, but the detection can be easily expanded to support more countries and variations as needed.

Which data can be extracted


Document Type
Document ID
Maiden name
Given name
Portrait Image
Color of eyes
Date of birth
Place of birth
Date of issue
Date of expiry
Issuing state

MRZ Scanner
ID, passport, visa


NFC Reader


ID Scanner

ID Scanner
ID card

1) Only first given name

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