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Scanbot's Health Card Scanner enables fast, precise EHIC data extraction

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Fast & accurate data extraction from Health Insurance Cards

To process complex documents automatically, you need to extract their data as key-value pairs first. With the Scanbot SDK, you can accurately capture all white data fields of an EHIC card. This makes onboarding your app users a snap. By verifying their identity with an EHIC scan, your insureds can also log into your app more quickly, easily, and securely.

Example use cases for the EHIC scanner

Patient admission in hospitals

Scan patients' EHIC cards at the counter to simplify access and admission.

Customer onboarding for insurers

Let users scan their EHIC cards to simplify customer onboarding in B2C applications.


Extract information from EHIC cards to check the identity of the card owner.

EHIC cards - detect, scan & extract




Given names


Date of birth


Personal identification number


Identification number of the institution,
Abbreviation of insurance carrier


Identification number of the card


Expiry date

On-device solution for maximum privacy & usability

As an enterprise customer, you want a mobile data capture solution that works anywhere, anytime, and to the highest possible privacy standards. That is why our Data Capture SDK operates solely on the mobile device – it will never track or send any data to any third-party server.

GDPR Compliant

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

Location Independent

Location Independent

Offline Solution

No External Servers

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