EHIC Card Scanner SDK

Add a safety level into your insurance app and identify your customers based on their EHIC card with the EHIC Scanner.

Identify customers with the EHIC Scanner safely and easily

Implement the EHIC Scanner in your company‘s app and allow users to scan their EHIC cards with ease. The EHIC Scanner can be integrated within your existing mobile app and used with any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The European Health Insurance Card Scanner complies with the EU-GDPR and its complex security standards and local laws regarding the location of servers. Data is captured and stored only on the user's device or on your chosen company's server while the Scanner SDK works without an active network connection.

Fast integration of the Scanbot SDK into your app, save IT development resources and costs.

Everything happens solely on your end-user's device. No network or internet connection required.

Machine learning technology and sophisticated algorithms guide your users towards the best scanning result.

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How the EHIC Card Scanner works

The EHIC Scanner can be integrated into your mobile healthcare app within a very short period of time. Due to the automated data extraction of the EHIC Scanner, data processing is optimized constantly.

Integrate the EHIC Scanner module into your company’s app and hold your smartphone over the EHIC card you would like to scan.

The scan will be automatically triggered when the parameters of the minimum desired scan quality are met.

Our algorithm automatically extracts data from the scanned EHIC card.

The extracted data fields are validated and returned as a structured data object (JSON). Now you can instantly use the data in your app and automate your workflows.

Why use the EHIC Scanner?

The majority of healthcare companies use the EHIC Scanner technology as an additional safety level to verify their customers.

Customers who want to upload important documents or sensitive data into the healthcare app can be requested to identify themselves with their European health insurance card. By scanning their EHIC Card, all data from the backside of the card will be read and extracted.

The healthcare company could use the extracted data to compare it with their own database. If the data of the card corresponds with the customer database of the company, customers can proceed.

All features at a glance

Data extraction

Data extraction of all white data fields (name, given name, date of birth, personal identification number, identification number of the institution, identification number of the card, expiry date) from the backside of the EHIC card

  • Name

  • Given names

  • Date of birth

  • Personal identification number

  • Identification number of the institution

  • Identification number of the card

  • Expiry date

Customizable colors and text to match your brand

Customization of the user interface by adjusting the Scanbot SDK to the company's CI (customizable colors and text to match your brand). UI is available as our "Classical SDK Components" (provides full customization) as well as our "RTU UI Components" (limited customization but very easy to integrate)

Available on all major platforms

FAQ — Frequently asked questions

How does the EHIC Card Scanner work?

Information about the client is collected through data extraction while simply scanning the EHIC card and turned into an editable, searchable PDF through “Optical Character Recognition.” User guidance leads your customers into the perfect scanning position, with no need for further manual correction of the result.

What are the advantages of scanning EHIC-cards?

  • Additional safety level: Customer verification by password is complemented by identifying the client through their health card. 
  • Accelerated customer registration: No need to type in all information - it can be easily extracted from the EHIC card.

Is the Scanbot EHIC Card Scanner SDK compliant with the GDPR and CCPA?

Yes. Since the SDK does not require an internet connection, and because we do not store any data on our or third-party servers, it is compliant with the common privacy laws.

How much does the EHIC Card Scanner SDK cost?

We offer four packages for iOS and Android (0, I, II, III) in different pricing categories. Our flat-rate model consists of a fixed annual fee, with no pay-per-use or installation costs. Please get in touch regarding your individual quote.

Which platforms are supported by the SDK?

Our SDK is natively developed for iOS (Swift, Obj-C) and Android (Kotlin, Java), but also supports Flutter. Example projects can be found on GitHub.

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