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Use the Medical certificate scanner SDK to digitize doctor’s certificates in seconds

Our medical certificate scanner SDK allows you to integrate easy and convenient document scanning into your existing application. Besides scanning the medical certificates and saving them as a PDF or JPG, our SDK automatically extracts all relevant data. Currently, we support the German form standards 1b (1.2016) and 1b/E (1.2016). If you would like your country specific forms added to the list of supported document types, please contact us.

This is how medical certificate scanning works with a powerful SDK

Our medical certificate scanner SDK can be integrated into your mobile app within only three business days. Because of the automated extraction, the data processing is improved, allowing you to skip entering the data fields manually one by one. Therefore our SDK will improve the error rate while saving time, money and valuable development resources. Using the medical certificate scanner SDK is simple. Within these steps, machine learning technology and sophisticated algorithms guide your users towards the best possible results.

  • Launch the scanner SDK and hold your phone over the medical certificate you would like to scan
  • The SDK detects the certificate in the camera and automatically scans it
  • After that the SDK recognizes the text, extracts the data and converts it into an exchangeable format
  • Now you can instantly use the data in your app and automate your workflows

Which fields is the scanner SDK able to extract?

dc scanner app integration

Our medical document scanner SDK can extract the following data from certificates issued in the German form standards 1b (1.2016) and 1b/E (1.2016).

  • Extraction of all types of checkboxes: In the German form standard, we are able to detect the checkboxes for an initial- or renewed certificate (Erstbescheinigung, Folgebescheinigung), for a work accident (Arbeitsunfall) or an accident consultant (Durchgangsarzt). These are all recognized and extracted automatically by our DC Scanner SDK.
  • Extraction of all date fields: Our DC Scanner SDK is able to read and extract all date fields such as the start date (Arbeitsunfähig seit), expected end date (voraussichtlich arbeitsunfähig bis), and date of diagnosis (Diagnosedatum).

To receive more information about our medical certificate scanner SDK feature, please get in touch with our experts.

Max Stratmann

Max Stratmann

Chief Sales Officer

Get the best scan solution for your app. Our expert team will be happy to assist with all of your questions concerning functionality, integration, best practices and the license fee of the EHIC scanner.

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