Multiple Object Scanner SDK

Scan up to 6 business cards simultaneously while on-device OCR guarantees the highest privacy standard. The scanner detects the orientation of each card and rotates it automatically.

Auto-rotation & perspective correction

Our outstanding automatic cropping and perspective correction ensures that scans look just like the original. The edge detection is visible as a rectangle in the live camera, so you can already see what you get. Additionally, the SDK comes with a feature to adjust the crop manually.

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Intelligent image filtering

Over the years we have developed a set of image filters that work perfectly for documents. We've got something for every type of document and use-case. The Black & White Filter with its extreme compression allows you to have tiny files. Our Grayscale and Color filters are tuned for documents with images and preserve all details. Our Magic Color filter goes a step further and features an automatic content detection to optimize parts of the page accordingly. The results are bright and sharp documents that look like an enhanced digital version of the original.

No filter

The untouched image

Magic Color

Removes shadows and enhances the images and text for a crystal clear scan


Smaller files that still show all the details

Black & White

Extremely small file sizes and support for true 1bit TIFF images


Pick a base filter and individually adjust it to match your use-case


Top Business Card Scanner SDK features

The Business Card Scanner SDK gives you the ability to scan up to 6 business cards at the same time. And it's not limited to business cards. You can scan any kind of small rectangular document and can thus use it for labels, identification cards, and more.

Up to six objects

Scan up to six business cards at the same time with very good text recognition results.


The SDK will automatically detect the orientation of each business card and automatically rotate it.

Easy to integrate

Integrating the SDK is very fast, due to the ready-to-use UI components and the easy customization.

GDPR, CCPA & DSGVO compliant

Because of the fact that the solution works 100% offline, no data will leave the device.

Available on iOS and Android

FAQ — Frequently asked questions

How many business cards can I scan in one go?

You can scan up to six business cards in one run, saving you lots of time and effort.

Is it possible to perform OCR on the business cards?

Yes, you can extract the text with our OCR SDK.

Is the data safe from external attacks?

We offer the highest privacy through offline on-device detection. None of your data is stored on external servers.

How much does the Business Card Scanner SDK cost?

We offer four packages for iOS and Android (0, I, II, III) in different pricing categories. Our flat-rate model consists of a fixed annual fee, with no pay-per-use or installation costs. Please get in touch regarding your individual quote.

Which platforms are supported by the SDK?

Our SDK was natively developed for iOS (Swift, Obj-C) and Android (Kotlin, Java). Example projects can be found on GitHub.

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