Enterprise-grade Royal Mail Mailmark Barcode Scanner SDK

With the Scanbot Royal Mail Mailmark Scanner solution, you can add Barcode Scanning features to your mobile app within just one week. Turn every iOS- or Android device into a portable scanner and profit from a streamlined workflow!

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Royal Mail Mailmark

The Royal Mail Mailmark barcode is exclusively found on mail sent via Royal Mail and was developed specifically for this use case.

  • A two-dimensional, machine-readable barcode.
  • High accuracy.
  • Available only via Royal Mail franking machines.

The number one alternative to industrial scanners: Scanbot's Royal Mail Mailmark Barcode Scanner SDK

Using the Scanbot Royal Mail Mailmark scanning module, you can ...

  • Scan Royal Mail Mailmark codes with smart devices
  • Avoid costs caused by outdated hardware
  • Switch from conventional hardware scanners to intelligent multi-tools with instant access to your servers
  • Create flexible scanning workflows independent of your internet connection
  • Cut down the time-to-value by implementing it within one week

How to read Royal Mail Mailmark barcodes with Scanbot SDK?


Launch the Scanbot SDK from anywhere in your app


Hold your device over the barcode


The SDK automatically reads and decodes the data in less than a second

Profit from our high-class scanning features

  • Single vs. Multi Scan: You can read information from one barcode or scan multiple barcodes in one go.
  • Filter: Customize the Royal Mail Mailmark Barcode Scanner to scan only certain barcodes.
  • Save the image: Save images of the barcodes as a PDF for further processing.
  • Extract information from photos: Besides scanning with the device camera, you can upload images that contain Royal Mail Mailmark barcodes and extract data from them.
  • Robust scanning functionality: With the Royal Mail Mailmark Scanner, the results are always flawless, even under bad lighting conditions, at an angle, or with damaged barcodes.

Want to work with more than one barcode type? We have you covered: All common 1D and 2D barcodes can be extracted with the Scanbot SDK – one solution fits all!

The superior solution for business process optimization – Why you should choose Scanbot

  • You can integrate the ready-to-use user interface of our Royal Mail Mailmark Scanner within one week.
  • Our ready-to-use UI components can be customized to match your Corporate Design.
  • Your data is safe with us: Our solution operates 100% offline, and is compliant with your international data privacy laws.
  • Unlimited installs and scans make our SDK your best choice if you can't estimate MAU or scan numbers in advance. With our fair licensing model, you’ll never exceed your established budget – flexible usage meets fixed cost.

Licensing designed for enterprises

As an enterprise customer, you likely have high-volume barcode scanning needs, whether measured in users, app downloads, or individual scans. Since our SDK works fully offline, we never track any volume metrics. Hence, we charge an annual flat license fee for our solution. For you, this means that you’ll always know the exact cost up front, without worrying about usage statistics.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

No Volume Based Restrictions

Unlimited Usage

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Get started with the most reliable Royal Mail Mailmark Scanner

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Whether your employees or customers use your app, you want it to work reliably. That is why we have developed the best Barcode Scanner SDK using machine-learning algorithms. It maintains lightning-fast and accurate detection.

Paired with one of the widest varieties of barcodes covered, we solve business problems across any industry and along every individual process chain.

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