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Integrate fast and easy-to-use document scanning into your logistics application!

Scanning SDK used in logistics apps.

The Scanbot SDK is the fastest and easiest way to integrate document scanning into your mobile logistics app. It is the perfect everyday tool if you want to include a scanning function for your delivery documents - in any area within the field of logistics.

“The Scanbot SDK simplified our delivery processes immensely! It enables our drivers to scan all types of delivery documents, for example, a Bill of Lading - even without internet connection. Thanks to the user guidance, taking a high-quality scan has never been so easy!”

Steve L., CEO

Offline Solution for all scanning need in the logistic industry

Offline Scanning

The Scanbot SDK does not require an internet connection, scans can be done completely offline. With the offline solution all members of your fleet enjoy the opportunity of scanning documents - independent of their location.

“My drivers are constantly on the road and so they often drive through rural areas where their phones fail to receive a signal. With the Scanbot SDK everything happens solely on the device with no network connection being required. I’m extremely satisfied with the results.”

Victor G., Head of Logistics

Scanning in logistic app with individual UI

Highest-Quality Scans through User Guidance

The SDK’s User Guidance directs users into the right position to take a perfect scan. Furthermore, the User Guidance is fully customizable and the guiding messages can be specified by you to fit your use case’s individual needs and requirements. Go from low-quality pictures to high-quality scans with the Scanbot SDK!

easy document scanning with perspective correction

Unique Perspective Correction

With the perspective correction feature, the Scanbot SDK straightens the scanned document before it gets converted into a PDF file. Do you need to scan whilst being on the road with no even surface available? The Scanbot SDK is equipped with all the features to tackle this challenge.

“While I don’t consider myself a very tech savvy person, I have never taken a bad quality scan since our company has been using the Scanbot SDK. It is fast and easy to use. The User Guidance helps me find the perfect position to take the optimal scan - a flawless masterpiece.”

Brian B., CEO

Perfect for Logistics Providers

  • Document Detection

    Document Detection

    Documents will be recognized and extracted automatically

  • Scanning UI

    Scanning UI

    Guides the user into the best position to capture the document

  • Privacy


    Everything happens on the device with no server connection required

  • Text Recognition (OCR)

    Text Recognition (OCR)

    On-device OCR with machine learning optimization for perfect privacy

  • Barcodes


    Automatic data extraction from a large variety of 1D or 2D picture codes

  • QR Codes

    QR Codes

    Automatic data extraction and classification of contacts, locations, calendar events, URLs and more…

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Max Stratmann

Max Stratmann

Chief Sales Officer

Get the best scan solution for your app. Our expert team will be happy to assist with all of your questions concerning functionality, integration, best practices and the license fee of the EHIC scanner.

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