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Reduce overwhelming paperwork in the banking sector with the Scanbot SDK!

Scan of invoice for banking

The easy-to-implement scanning app in your mobile banking application. The SDK is ready to be used in your iOS and Android projects right away! We offer dedicated support, free updates during the license runtime and continuous improvements. We are actively developing and releasing new features for the SDK.

“The Scanbot SDK’s scanning feature is the basis for our banking application. Given that it’s an offline solution, we do not need to worry about sensitive personal data landing on a third-party server. Scanning documents has never been so quick and easy!”

Matthew D., CEO

Offline Scanning Solution in banking industry

Offline Solution for Privacy

The Scanbot SDK does not require an internet connection - your users’ scans can be taken completely offline. Sensitive personal data is stored solely on the end user’s device, and hence, complete privacy is ensured for your clients.

“In the banking sector, we almost exclusively work with documents providing sensitive information - such as Job Contracts, Payslips, and Bank Statements. It is crucial that we can ensure our clients that this information stays private and the Scanbot SDK can do that for us. I believe we made a really good decision.”

Vincent A., Financial Advisor

Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) scanning to verify your customers identity

Our MRZ Scanning feature allows you to instantly capture and extract data from machine readable zones on passports or other ID documents. In Banking, this becomes an extremely useful tool to identify your customer prior to opening bank accounts or to verify their identity before money transfers.

extract mrz from banking documents

Know Your Customer

With MRZ Scanning you will be able to identify your customer and, for example, enable them to open up new bank accounts, order a credit card or confirm larger money transfers. The latter is especially crucial in terms of the new Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering laws and regulations. The Scanbot SDK hereby works completely offline and solely on the end user's device, guaranteeing the highest privacy standard possible.

scan banking transfer forms

Easy Money Transfer with SEPA Bank Transfer Form Scanning

In an excellent mobile banking application, scanning money transfer forms is a key function. With the Scanbot SDK’s real-time extraction of IBAN, BIC, Value, Addressee, and Reference, you can build the most user-friendly mobile application for the best User Experience!

mobile app detection of documents

Document Detection for User Experience

When using a mobile banking application, often multiple documents with a large number of pages have to be scanned. With the Scanbot SDK documents will be recognized and extracted automatically, making scanning as fast and as easy as possible.

“In our banking application, one of the many useful features is document detection. This function enables us to provide the best user experience to our clients. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive.”

Michaela G., Product Manager

Perfect for Financial Service Providers

  • Document Detection

    Document Detection

    Documents will be recognized and extracted automatically

  • Scanning UI

    Scanning UI

    Guides the user into the best position to capture the document

  • Perspective Correction

    Perspective Correction

    Automatic perspective correction and precision cropping

  • Privacy


    Everything happens on the device with no server connection required

  • Cheque Scanning

    Cheque Scanning

    Real-time extraction of account & routing number

  • Money Transfer Form Scanning

    Money Transfer Form Scanning

    Real-time extraction of IBAN, BIC, Value, Addressee and Reference

  • Machine Readable Zones (MRZ)

    Machine Readable Zones (MRZ)

    Quick automatic extration of all data points

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Max Stratmann

Max Stratmann

Chief Sales Officer

Get the best scan solution for your app. Our expert team will be happy to assist with all of your questions concerning functionality, integration, best practices and the license fee of the EHIC scanner.

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