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for the insurance sector

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Our solutions are used by more than 30 insurance companies.

Groupe Mutuel

Integrate fast and easy-to-use document scanning into your insurance application!

Everything you need to easily build scanning capabilities into your mobile insurance application. The SDK is ready to be used in your iOS and Android projects right away! We offer dedicated support, free updates during the license runtime, and continuous updates. We are actively developing and releasing new features for the SDK regularly, so you will always use the latest technology available for mobile document capturing.

“For our insurance company, the Scanbot SDK has provided great help with document processing. The scanning function in the mobile app enables clients to upload their insurance documents in an uncomplicated manner. With the offline solution, sensitive personal data is protected, and therefore, the Scanbot SDK is the safest option for insurance providers.”
— David H., CEO
Protected iPhone

Offline solution for privacy

The Scanbot SDK does not require an internet connection - your users' scans can be taken completely offline. Sensitive personal data is stored solely on the end user's device, and hence, full privacy is ensured for your clients.

“Insurance companies all over the world have to live up to the highest security standards when handling personal data. With the Scanbot SDK this information remains private and the client shares it exclusively with our company.”
— Adam M., CTO
OCR process

Text Recognition (OCR) for automated insurance claims processing

The Scanbot SDK’s on-device OCR with machine learning optimization offers a reduction in insurance agents’ workload by automating processes and, at the same time, ensuring the highest possible privacy standards for your clients.

“The process of insurance claims follows a similar pattern in the majority of cases. The OCR feature of the Scanbot SDK enabled us to automate these processes and saved us countless hours of work. The greatest tool we’ve ever applied in business.”
— Frederico S., Member of the Board

Scanning UI for high-quality scans

The Scanbot SDK’s Scanning UI guides the user into the best position to capture the document. The messages of the UI are completely customizable to ensure the best fit to your insurance application - all within your Corporate Identity.

“Our company provides services to all different kinds of people within the insurance domain. With the help of the customizable UI, we were able to develop an application with an individual interface that fits our clients’ needs. I’m simply amazed by the result.”
— Anne V., Head of Insurance Operations

Top features for the insurance branch

Get a universal Scanner SDK to easily onboard users and automate claims management. The solution offers high quality scans of the documents, certificates, ID documents and many more. It allows you to work with text and data instantly by extracting it from the document.

Document Icon

Document Detection

Documents will be recognized and extracted automatically

Scanning Icon

Scanning UI

Guides the user into the best position to capture the document

Perspective Correction Icon

Perspective Correction

Automatic perspective correction and precision cropping

Cropping Icon

Cropping UI

User interface to crop pages with easy-to-use magnetic handles

Privacy Icon


Everything happens on the device with no server connection required

OCR Icon

Text Recognition (OCR)

On-device OCR with machine learning optimization for perfect privacy

OCR Icon


Encryption of data at rest and in transit for images and PDFs.

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