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Integrate fast and easy-to-use document scanning into your accounting application!

Want easier expense management and tax returns? No problem! The Scanbot SDK is the fastest and safest solution for integrating invoice, receipt and document scanning into your mobile app for accounting purposes. It is an easy-to-use everyday tool if you want to include a scanning function for your accounting records.

“The Scanbot SDK is essential in accounting! With the implementation of the Scanbot SDK we’ve been saving so much time! We completely eliminated bad-quality photos and work exclusively with high-quality, easily processable scans. Our best decision so far!”
— Andrea B., Founder and CEO
Safe iPhone

Offline Solution for Perfect Privacy

For accounting firms handling sensitive personal data it is crucial to live up to high privacy standards. The Scanbot SDK’s offline solution ensures that your clients’ data is safe and is not stored on any third-party servers. Safe and easy - in your mobile accounting app.

“We had been looking into different solutions before we decided to implement the Scanbot SDK. I am confident that we got the highest possible standard in terms of privacy! The Scanbot SDK guarantees that personal data is handled safely. Exactly what we needed, amazing!”
— James C.H., Head of IT

Fully Customizable Scanning UI for Your Use Case

Customize User Guidance Messages to guide the user into the best position to capture the document! Does your use case require specific settings? Set up your mobile accounting app’s scanning function your way!

“Competition between accounting firms is very high, and thus, it was essential for us to create our own identity within the mobile app. The Scanbot SDK is the solution that includes this possibility, we are extremely satisfied with the results!”
— Christian S., CEO
Perspective correction

Highest-Quality Scan Results with Perspective Correction

Looking for a solution that provides highest-quality scans even if your client did not get the right angle? The Scanbot SDK’s automatic perspective correction and precision cropping is the perfect choice for you!

“Since we implemented the Scanbot SDK into our mobile accounting app, we don’t have to deal with low-quality photos anymore. The scans are without exception of high quality due to Guiding Messages and Perspective Correction. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive!”
— Neil K., Chief Accountant

Top features for accounting

Improve your workflows and save time with a universal Scanner SDK. If your employees hand in lots of expenses and you are scanning many invoices, a Scanner SDK with data extraction will help you a lot to minimize the amount of work.

Documents Icon

Document Detection

Documents will be recognized and extracted automatically

Scanning Icon

Scanning UI

Guides the user into the best position to capture the document

Perspective Correction Icon

Perspective Correction

Automatic perspective correction and precision cropping

Invoice Icon

Invoice Scanning

Scan invoices and use our brand new Server SDK to extract invoice data automatically.

Privacy icon


Everything happens on the device with no server connection required


Money Transfer Form Scanning

Real-time extraction of IBAN, BIC, Value, Addressee and Reference

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