About doo

Scanbot / doo GmbH is a German software development company founded in 2011, with business presences in Bonn and San Francisco. Scanbot enables the integration of scanning and data extraction functionalities into existing mobile applications for the insurance, healthcare, logistics, and banking industry. The Software Development Kit Scanbot SDK utilizes highly sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to integrate scanning functionalities and data extraction into any app. More than 200 businesses worldwide use the Scanbot SDK, including DAX 30 and Fortune 500 companies. Scanbot is backed by three venture capital companies: Freigeist, Target Partners, and Evoco.

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Lots of love for our work

Since we released the first version of the Scanbot SDK in early 2017 we achieved incredible adoption. The product is integrated into the apps of major companies in the insurance, transportation, and finance industry, and more than 20 million users are touched by it every month.

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