Scanbot 6

Javascript SDK

Get the best scanner for your app

Easily integrate document detection & scanning capabilities in your web application. The JavaScript SDK is ready to be used in your web app right away. We offer dedicated support and continous improvement and extension of the SDKs functionality.

Features Inside

  • Document detection

    Fast edge detection and document extraction

  • User Instruction

    Guiding the user in an optimal position for capturing the document

  • Auto-Cropping

    Including perspective correction, ignoring of fingers in a picture etc.

  • Works Everywhere

    All you need is a compatible browser and a camera to get started

  • Zonal Extraction soon

    Extract specific parts of information from standardized documents

  • Face Detection

    Real-time detection of faces or other HAAR-cascades


To achieve the best results, please make sure you’re in an evenly
lighted environment and your background does not contain any windows.


Realtime detection and user guidance is currently not available on iOS due to Apple not supporting the Stream API in its web view / Safari view controller. However you can use the JavaScript SDK to crop a document from a still image with your Cordova / PhoneGap applications.

Get in touch…

We are offering the SDK with a yearly flat license model, meaning we don’t take any volume based variables into account (e.g. number of scans). Please contact us if you have questions or require an extended trial license.