RPA in Claims Processing: Learn how AI accelerates insurance claims workflows in our exclusive case study

Claims Automation – Insurance: AI Processing with the Scanbot SDK

Until their first claims process, most customers do not reconsider their choice of insurance. However, as soon as they have to use their service for the first time, customers decide whether they want to stick to the insurer or search for a better one. This phenomenon is described as the “Moment of truth”. Making these processes as simple as possible is as essential as offering digital solutions that can be accessed at any given time. Discover how the Scanbot SDK can help you create a first-class experience for your clients through AI and RPA in insurance claims processes.

One of the largest multinational insurances wants to create frictionless digital services. To achieve this goal, it takes optimized workflows to deal with paperwork efficiently. To accompany insurers on their first step towards document process automation, Scanbot offers intuitive and individual solutions to automate document scanning processes.

Take your first step towards RPA Claims Processing by diving into our exclusive Scanbot SDK Case Study

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