Claims Automation: The future of insurance – Case Study

Avoid lengthy postal transmission and poorly digitized documents with the Scanbot Document Scanner

Digital service offerings are becoming increasingly important in the insurance industry. Insureds expect their claims to be processed quickly. You can design  efficient claims processing workflows by integrating the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK. Our scanning tool allows every customer to upload documents as high-quality scans after downloading the insurance app. Optical text recognition then converts them into editable PDF files that can be processed immediately. This significantly speeds up the processing time for claims. Automation is the future of the insurance industry!

3 Reasons for Claims Automation as the future of insurance

  1. Customer satisfaction: Modern insurance clients expect simplified services that can be accessed from home and low processing times regarding their claims.
  2. Efficiency: The claims processing flow is not only accelerated for your customers. A significant amount of time is also saved on the back end. Clerks will no longer have to deal with poorly digitized documents, errors, and paper documents. An entirely automatic approval or rejection of a claim is now possible.
  3. Cost reductions: With the workload decreasing, postal shipping costs being eliminated, and higher customer satisfaction, operating costs are reduced significantly.

Find out more about the future of insurance with the Scanbot SDK in our exclusive case study

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