Taking the first step towards claims process automation with Scanbot

The Goal: Engaging in digitalization through Claims Process Automation

One of the largest multinational insurers strives to make interactions more personal and frictionless. To do so, it takes an optimized workflow to efficiently deal with paperwork - saving time for what matters in life. As part of the interaction and first step of document process automation, Scanbot offers intuitive and individual solutions. The Scanner SDK provides high-quality scans with upmarket document detection, guiding the user to a flawless scan. The smooth and quick implementation resulted in a significant increase in customer satisfaction and usability of the insurer’s app. Thereby, the insurance company was able to increase precision in the automation significantly. The Scanbot SDK made it possible for them to improve the digital workflows within their customer-facing mobile app. Furthermore, it introduced additional options to verify customers.

The former claims process

Satisfying the customers' needs used to take days, sometimes even weeks, often due to missing or wrong information from hard copy documents.

  1. Clients are confronted with a loss or policy event, resulting in a claim. Hence to make a claim viable, they have to fill out a form on paper or visit a local branch office.
  2. The insurance company receives the claim, and then an agent needs to categorize the request and send it to the corresponding department.
  3. The responsible agent reviews the claim, sometimes requests more info or documents, and makes a final decision to grant or reject the claim.
  4. As the last step, the info goes out to the client.

Until their first claims process, most customers do not reconsider their choice of insurance. However, as soon as they have to use their service for the first time, customers decide whether they want to stick to the insurer or search for a better one. This phenomenon is described as the “Moment of truth”.
To catch up to the competition and to make the claim process more efficient for the insurance company and the customer, the scanning of documents needed to be realized in the iOS and Android app. The first implementation of this feature was realized by a simple camera interface, offering clients the option to take a picture of a document to attach it to the claim. But the immediate feedback was that the company’s backend OCR could not recognize this low-quality input. At that time, they started looking for other solutions and met Scanbot.

Scanbot’s solution

With the Scanbot SDK, the insurer conducts the first and the essential step in the automated claims process - the actual digitization of a hard copy document. Scanning a high-quality image resulting in high-quality input became possible since Scanbot offers a much smarter document detection. The specific advantage: A guiding system leads the user to the perfect scanning position and, consequently, increases the accuracy of the claims process.

“For this company, our Scanbot SDK provides the best solution for document processing. The scanning function in the mobile app enables their clients to upload their insurance documents in an uncomplicated manner. Additionally, the OCR feature of the Scanbot SDK made it possible to automate processes.”
— Max Stratmann, CSO

The claims process with Scanbot

  1. A client has to file a claim. They take out their smartphone and open the insurers’ app. They select a claim category and scan the necessary documents using the unique user-guidance and automated scanning features.
  2. The Scanbot SDK preprocesses the information from the scan using text recognition (OCR) and data extraction from standardized documents (ie. EHIC cards, medical certificates) directly on the device. After that, the app transfers everything to the server.
    The Scanbot Scanner SDK complies with complex privacy standards and local laws concerning the location of servers, etc. By using offline components, insurers are on the safe side, and neither need to worry about man-in-the-middle attacks nor have any privacy concerns.
  3. The insurer’s backend now has much more accurate data. The result is a fully automatic approval or rejection of a lot more claims and easier communication between the agent and the client.

New possibilities by digitizing with a camera

Today’s customers expect every operation to be available from home. Platforms for customers are turning fully digital, and insurance companies need to satisfy the needs of the mobile generation. Apart from the claims process management, customers should also be able to open up an account without visiting a branch office.
To make that happen, it takes a secure and precise feature to capture identity documents with the insurance app. After the integration of the Scanbot SDK, extracting data from IDs, travel documents, or visas is instantly possible. The Scanbot Scanner SDK captures the required data in a split-second, so that it’s fast and easy to verify the person in a quick call with an agent.

These adjustments lead to

  • Working time decrease for claims management
  • Cost and overhead decrease
  • Customer engagement increase
  • Customer satisfaction increase
  • Precision increase for processing
  • Customer verification within minutes

Scanbot’s mission and vision

Initially, Scanbot wanted to create an SDK one can scan everything with - from simple bar codes to medical certificates or invoices. There are no limits!
After this achievement, Scanbot now strives to understand every document using machine learning technology. Herewith, new scenarios like automated document classification, etc. are possible.

Why choose Scanbot?

Scanbot enhances the customer experience by rethinking how insurance documents are digitized. Its Software Development Kit (SDK) is currently used for multiple use cases by a wide variety of insurance companies. The easy to integrate software simplifies workflows in claims management, customer onboarding, sales, or HR. With the SDK, clients can scan documents and extract relevant data, herewith streamlining processes in the front- and backend.

Company Overview

A multinational insurance firm, engaging in various financial services, global insurance and investment management.


Insurance and Financial Services

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› 100.000 employees


iOS and Android

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Taking the first step towards claims process automation with Scanbot

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July 7, 2020

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