Drastically shortened turnaround times with the Telekom employee app increased satisfaction

Drastically shortened turnaround times with the Telekom employee app increased satisfaction

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Drastically shortened turnaround times with the Telekom employee app increased satisfaction

Deutsche Telekom - Telecommunication

Drastically shortened turnaround times with the Telekom employee app increased satisfaction

International telecommunications enterprise

Company size
Around 89,000 employees in German locations

iOS & Android

Development platform

Use case
Internal employee app for the transmission of documents such as certificates of incapacity for work and receipts for cash expenses

Document Scanner SDK, Medical Certificate Scanner


Deutsche Telekom wanted to enable its employees to digitally transfer documents such as receipts or certificates of incapacity for work within the internal employee app.


To read information from complex documents, the app needed to integrate both mobile scanning and data extraction functionalities. In addition, automated backend processing would only work reliably on high-resolution scans. Therefore, a precise scanning tool with integrated data extraction was the perfect fit for this use case.


With the Scanbot SDK, Deutsche Telekom incorporated a versatile scanner with integrated data extraction functionality into its employee app. This enabled a fully digital document transfer workflow that drastically reduced processing time while increasing employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Key Results

Data extraction from complex documents

Perfect scanning results

Smooth & fast integration

“We rely heavily on this solution, and the Scanbot team has been a trusted partner since day one.”

— PATRICK KRÄMER, Product Owner @ Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom faced the following challenge

The nearly 90,000 employees generate vast volumes of paper documents every day that need to be sent to central administration. A key problem arose with two specific document types: The German certificate of incapacity for work (“AU” certificate) and receipts for cash expenses. These had to be physically mailed to a scanning center for digitization. As a result, processing often took several days and created an enormous workload for all employees involved.

Due to the delays inherent in the process, it was costly, extremely time-consuming, and caused employee frustration.

Goal - internal, digital transfer of documents in the Telekom Mitarbeiterapp

Deutsche Telekom wanted to offer all employees a simplified workflow for submitting medical certificates and cash receipts. This required a digitization tool that is easily accessible to all employees. Simply having employees take photos of the documents with their mobile devices to transmit them digitally, however, did not produce suitable scans. High scan quality is crucial for back-office employees because modern approaches, such as automatic processing of documents in the backend, demand excellent image quality.

The main goal was an entirely digital transmission of medical certificates and cash receipts. As opposed to mailing, this only takes seconds and produces top image quality. By enabling their employees to digitize their documents themselves, Deutsche Telekom wanted to speed up processing in the back-office. This would guarantee timely reimbursement of cash expenses and spare sick employees the effort of sending their documents by post.

Accordingly, the focus was on integrating an easy-to-use scanning and data extraction function into the existing internal MitarbeiterApp. It needed to deliver high-quality results for processing and be equally compatible with both iOS and Android.

The Scanbot SDK was the optimal solution here. Its versatile functions for scanning and extracting data from documents deliver first-class quality, ease of use, and maximum data protection. Based on years of experience working with companies from various industries, our team of experts has gained extensive insight into the best practices and requirements of document digitization. Developers can integrate the components within a few business days, and easily adapt the user interface to the corporate design.

Direct comparisonDeutsche Telekom's document workflow before and after integration of the Scanbot SDK

Let's now look at the original document capture workflows to gain a more accurate understanding of Deutsche Telekom's requirements. The optimized workflow after the integration of the Scanbot SDK is given below for comparison.

Transfer of certificates of incapacity for work in case of illness

Submitting receipts for reimbursement of cash expenses

Benefits of the Scanbot SDK

Workflow optimization through mobile scanning

Sending the documents by mail was the biggest sink of time and effort in the process. Processing usually required several days, since just delivering the documents to the scan center already took at least one business day.

Thanks to smart user guidance, data extraction from German AU certificates, auto-crop, auto-rotate, and image-enhancing functionalities, the Scanbot SDK integrated inside Telekom's mobile app delivers flawless results perfectly suited for manual and automatic further processing. Due to the fast digital transfer of the documents, Deutsche Telekom cut turnaround time drastically.

By integrating the Scanbot SDK, Deutsche Telekom benefits from the following results:

Cost savings

Less time spent on administrative and back-office tasks

Enhanced employee experience

Increased precision in document processing

In addition, other exciting areas of application for the Scanbot SDK in the employee app are continuously emerging, benefiting both employees and employers.

Scanbots mission and vision

Originally, Scanbot wanted to scan everything to enable real-time data flows: from simple barcodes to freight bills, medical certificates, and invoices - and now it can! There are endless ways this can make things easier for businesses and their customers. Our easy-to-integrate software simplifies workflows in document management, customer onboarding, sales, or HR.

Now, Scanbot applies machine learning to understand each individual document type. This opens up new usage scenarios, such as automated document workflows, and creates even more opportunities to connect and work with data in real-time. Besides, Scanbot highly values the security of its users' sensitive data. The Scanbot SDK works exclusively with on-device intelligence, which keeps documents safe from any external or man-in-the-middle attacks. No data is ever stored on Scanbot's servers or any third-party servers, satisfying the highest data protection standards. Intuitive features guarantee a superior user experience.

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