This is why you should use Scanbot instead of your camera app

In everyday life, paper documents are indispensable. We work with them on a daily basis and therefore most of us have print- and scanning devices in the office.

But actually, you don’t have to get in line and wait to scan something if you have a smartphone. Not by taking a picture with your camera, because we all know how that looks if you have to print it or send it out. We mean, by using a dedicated scanner app. That why we created Scanbot and made it one of the leading document scanner apps for iOS and Android!


But what makes a scanner app so special?

Scanbot uses the same camera as other apps in your smartphone, but instead of being optimized to shoot happy faces and scenic landscapes, we use the full power of your phone to detect a document, take the perfect picture, straighten and filter it and save it as searchable PDF. So here are the most important reasons to use Scanbot instead of your camera app:


1. Because we do automatic scanning!

Your standard camera app can take quick shot, but after that you spend a lot of time trying to position and crop it and make it look okay enough to send it out. Scanbot does all of that for you automatically. It guides you to the perfect scanning position, prevents distorted scans, takes the scan, filters and crops it — all automatically. And all of that in not much more than a second. You can’t beat that with a camera app!


2. Because you can easily create multi-page documents in seconds!

Scanbot Multi-Page

Have you ever tried to “scan” a twenty page document with single pictures? And then tried to figure out the correct order to put them in an email? And then you get the response that you need to send a PDF instead? That’s the moment you wish to have used a scanner app. With Scanbot, you can scan as many pages as you like and automatically get a optimized PDF, ready to send out.


3. Because your scans will look amazing through color optimization!

Color Filters

Filters in photo apps are not the same as filters in Scanbot. While the former mainly optimizes skin-tones, the sky and lets your photos shine, our set of filters are built from scratch to make documents look clean, vibrant, with sharp text and no visible shadows on the document. Your scans look professional and ready to share with other people.

Start being more productive with Scanbot! Never stand in line to scan something again and never fiddle around with a jammed paper-trays or missed pages again.


On top of that Scanbot lets you…

  • Search in PDFs with our Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Create folders to organize your documents
  • Add annotations with the marker, pen or note tool
  • Connect a cloud service and transfer scans automatically
  • Send a fax without the need of another app

You don’t have Scanbot yet? Then you should not wait any longer and get it right now to try out all of the features with your documents…