This is why you should use Scanbot instead of your smartphone’s camera App

In everyday life, paper documents are indispensable. We receive and work with them on a daily basis and therefore most of us have print- and scanning devices in their office.

But what if we tell you, that you only need your smartphone? We don’t mean simply taking a picture. Most of us tried that once and have been disappointed by the results. This is why we developed Scanbot, one of the leading mobile document scanner apps for iOS and Android. But what is so special about a scanner app compared to the standard camera app? It uses the camera as well, doesn’t it?

It does. But taking a picture with your standard camera app won’t tap the full potential of what your camera is capable of. It will most likely lead to poor results caused by focus issues, picture size in relation to it’s quality and tons of missing functions. The technology behind Scanbot changes these and other facts though. And this is…

1. Because we do automatic scanning!

Your standard camera app can take quick photos, but after that you spend ages fiddling around with settings to make it look just okay-ish. Scanbot does all of that for you and guides you to the perfect scanning position, prevents distorted scans, takes the scan in the perfect moment and crops it — all automatically! And all of that in not much more than a second. You can supervise each step of the process, as Scanbot will display messages and alert you if you are not in the optimal position while taking the scan. This will save you from unpleasant surprises. And let’s be honest, we all know the hassle of scanning a document at the machine, going back to our desk to see that the document was not lying flat underneath the scanner.

2. Because you can easily create multi-page documents in seconds!

Scanbot Multi-Page

Have you ever tried to “scan” a twenty page document with single pictures? And then tried to figure out the correct order later? It’s not really productive and everyone expects a PDF anyway. With Scanbot you can scan pages as fast as you can. The multi-page scanning mode allows you to flip through pages without leaving the camera. They will be saved as individual JPGs or one PDF document.

3. Because your scans will look amazing through color optimization!

Color Filters

Filters in photo apps are not the same as filters in Scanbot. While the former mainly optimizes skintones, the sky and lets your photos shine, our set of filters are built from scratch to make the document look clean and vibrant with sharp text and no shadows. Give your documents the right look with purely white pages and no distortions — simply perfect for every occasion.

Start being more productive with Scanbot! Never stand in line to scan something again and never fiddle around with a jammed paper-tray or missed pages again.

On top of that Scanbot lets you recognize text in your documents via our Optical Character Recognition (OCR), create folders and subfolders to keep track of all your documents, use our smart-naming feature to stay organized easily, or annotate and add notes to your files. These are only a couple of features the app can offer you.

Scanbot will enable you to work faster and simplify your paperwork! Saving time, effort and money could not be easier. Tell us in the comments below about your favorite features. And don’t forget to give us a like!

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