The Scanbot 6 release — a result of your feedback

Just one month ago Scanbot 6 was launched and we already received numerous feedback! Thanks to your amazing suggestions from the past, we were able to improve the app so it fits all of your needs and desires. We implemented the most requested features and enhanced existing ones to simplify your work with Scanbot.

After releasing the update, we received hundreds of mails, tweets and facebook posts. We were, once again, overwhelmed about having such a great community that is as full of fervor for the app as we are!

So what have been the changes undertaken?

The most obvious change was our new and intuitive design. Following the theme of “simplicity“, the redesign led to a very clear and open interface which was well received.

Many of you told us, that you discovered features, due to the clearly arranged surface, that you didn’t notice before.

The most requested change until the release was the use of OCR technology at any time. We got countless requests relating to this feature and whether it would be possible to use it for imported PDF files. Since you were craving for the possibility to run OCR on demand, the realization of this feature had top priority.

The most comprehensive change was made concerning PDF editing. Scanbot now offers you the possibility to edit saved PDFs, which was requested by a lot of you. Options like rotating, adding, reordering and deleting pages in saved documents are now possible.

The most extending change was integrating further cloud services into Scanbot’s portfolio for uploading your documents. We integrated OneNote and OneDrive for Business, as well as Amazon Cloud Drive to ensure that Scanbot stays “cloudagnostic”.

The most time-saving change was undertaken by optimizing the workflow options.

You can now, for example, directly print your scans with one tap or create predefined email targets. Using workflows has never been easier!

These have been the biggest changes we wanted to introduce to you! Scanbot 6 also contains smaller ones we’d like you to discover yourself. 😉

We’re glad and grateful for having such a great community that gives us feedback all the time! This is what enables us to constantly work on improving the app and give you the best you deserve.

If you have any further questions or feedback just let us know in the comments below or hand them in via twitter, facebook or email!

Keep scanning,
Christoph & the Scanbot Team