Logistics scanner – Why your drivers need a fully automated workflow

April 3, 2020

Logistics companies deal with different types of documents on the daily. Whether it is a bill of lading, invoices, or a lumper receipt, chances are high you as a company as well as your drivers and clients are dealing with a massive amount of paperwork. This makes the flow of real-time information very hard and causes the workflow to be cost-intensive and inefficient. Dive into the advantages of a mobile app, including the modern technology of a Logistics Scanner SDK

Perfect features for your mobile application - Get live updates on your business and never miss an issue

When creating a mobile logistics app, one can easily cover up close to all the steps contained in the daily workflow. It starts with searching for a load and accepting it online to assigning a driver to it and tracking their way via GPS. Additionally, one can quickly check weight, miles, and equipment and, therefore, quickly calculate the estimated costs as well as ask further questions, find cheaper alternatives, and place different books and offers. 

You can easily assign different user levels to your drivers and give them permission to make their offers and manage loads on their own, which easily saves you lots of time and effort. 

Step by step - How a mobile application improves every part of your workflow

As previously mentioned, you can benefit from integrating a mobile app with a Logistics Scanner SDK into your workflow in many ways. But what does a mobile workflow look like? Let’s dive into a step by step illustration of a technology-based work process!

  1. Looking for a load: Different loads are going to be presented to you. You can check their weight, their destination, and the necessary equipment for transportation. It is easy to calculate the final costs and compare which load will end up being the most profitable one for you since they are all displayed on a list.  Additionally, you can ask further questions regarding the shown loads and receive a reply within no time. A time-saving feature!
  2. After choosing a load, you can now assign a driver to it. Find the one who’s closest to it via GPS to stay on a budget and save time! Another plus: They can easily verify themselves via our Scanbot U.S. Driver License Scanner SDK.
  3. When picking up the load, your driver can now easily use our Scanner SDK to scan barcodes on the items or the bill of lading. The barcode feature can become handy as well once you are checking your own stocks, you can easily collect data by just scanning the codes found on the units!
  4. While the driver is taking the load to the final destination, you can easily track it once again via GPS and find out the exact time off arrival. In case of any occurring problems, you can be informed within seconds.
  5. As soon as the driver arrives at the destination, they can scan the delivery receipt and/or lumper receipt and send it to your headquarters, where all vital information can be extracted automatically.
  6. Afterward, you can comfortably rate the experience with the facility to inform others about their performance.

Integrating the Scanbot Scanner SDK - The cherry on top

Now, adding those features to your mobile application might sound intriguing, but getting ahead of the competition with software and technology now will make your company future-proof. Making use of a Logistics Scanner SDK will bridge the gap between the analog and digital worlds. Your developers can implement our Scanbot Scanner SDK easily within a few business days. It’s compatible with all major development platforms such as native iOS and Android development, as well as Xamarin, Flutter, or React Native

Once the Scanner SDK has been added to your logistics app, you and your drivers can effortlessly scan all types of documents, such as delivery receipts or invoices, and send them to your headquarter within a few seconds. This way, you are going to have immediate access to the status of your loads all the time. Furthermore, inefficient storage of paperwork becomes unnecessary, saving lots of work and lowering costs.

Our high-quality scanner guarantees flawless results, even for inexperienced users. Additionally, the documents are turned into searchable PDFs via data extraction and therefore do not have to be converted manually. This is applicable even to complex documents, including tables or charts. And last but not least, the Scanner SDK is able to extract information from US driver’s licenses and barcodes or QR codes as well.

Transparent pricing options - Scan on a budget 

Since transparency and flexibility are relevant, Scanbot exclusively offers flat-rate pricing. This means you are going to pay an annual fee for our SDKs based on two components: The package of features you chose (0, I, II, or III), and the number of apps you want to run the SDK on.

There are no hidden costs and no “Pay per User” pricing. Therefore, the costs can be easily calculated ahead of implementing the features into the app according to the budget you are willing to spend on implementing the Scanner SDK. Additionally, Scanbot won’t charge any upfront installation fee, and you can get a free trial license to test everything with no strings attached.

If you are interested in implementing the Scanbot Logistics Scanner SDK into your application, please get in touch with our solution experts for further information! We'd love to assist you. Feel free to check out this page for further information regarding our pricing. Here, you can find information on all barcode types.

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