Swiss QR Code Scanner: Capture & extract Swiss QR-Codes within one second

March 16, 2021

What are Swiss QR-Code invoices?

Swiss QR-Code invoices are a machine-readable format based on common two-dimensional QR-Codes and provide the new standard in the Swiss financial sector. They have been gradually replacing the previously used payment slips since the end of June 2020. By fall 2022, this standard should have been fully introduced. This change was enforced by SIX Group, the operator of the Swiss financial infrastructure. In 2016, they started the modernization initiative in the financial sector to implement the ISO 20022 standard. The goal here is the holistic digitalization of Swiss financial flows, with the Swiss QR code's introduction representing the final step of these changes.

What information is included in QR-Code invoices?

The digital invoices' mandatory information is the currency (the designated currencies here are CHF and EUR) and the payee's IBAN and address. Optionally, companies can enter other data in a free text field, which comprises a maximum of 140 characters. Information about the payment's sender is optional and is then completed by the latter, as is the amount.

Can Swiss QR invoices be scanned without an expensive scanner? 

Yes, any smartphone or tablet that has a camera can read this digital invoice type. All that is needed a Barcode Scanner that can extract the information stored in the QR code and prepare it for immediate further processing. The Scanbot SDK reads all relevant data from the code and passes it on in a structured manner. This means that any bank, FinTech, or other payment providers can process the data directly in the app or website. An invoice can now be paid within a few seconds. 

Thanks to on-device intelligence, all information is processed exclusively on the end user's mobile device and is therefore safe from external attacks. Scanbot does not store any data on internal servers or third parties, making the Scanner SDK ideal for handling sensitive documents.

What could a digital payment flow with the Scanbot SDK look like?

In the following, we will show you step by step how an online banking process with integrated Swiss-QR-Code Reader could look like:

  1. The customer opens the mobile app or website of his bank and goes to "Pay a bill.” The Scanbot SDK launches directly inside the app or website and shows the smartphone’s camera to start scanning instantly.
  2. All information from the contained QR code will be extracted within one second; these are then automatically entered into the payment form. 
  3. Only the amount has to be entered manually; all other information is automatically completed from the customer data.
  4. Once all the data is complete, the customer can confirm the payment.

This process takes only a few instants thanks to the Scanbot SDK's user guidance, which directs even inexperienced users to the correct scanning position in a lightning-fast manner.

Why you should choose the Scanbot SDK

In addition to the highest data protection standards, the Scanbot SDK offers numerous other advantages. Our scan components can be integrated into the app within one working day thanks to the out-of-the-box user interface. Here, your developers can freely adapt color and text to the corporate design.

Thanks to our flat-rate solution, all costs can be fully calculated before integration. The price of a license is determined only by the package booked and the number of operating systems used, not by the number of scans made. All new functions and software updates are included in the price, as is comprehensive support.

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