License plate readers, VIN scanning, and more

October 6, 2020

Typing in serial- and identification numbers, customer data, or license plates (or even writing them down by hand) – employees in the automotive sector are often confronted with this struggle. This out-of-date method slows down the workflow and often results in incorrect data, as typing errors happen, and reading handwriting can be challenging. Start-ups have long recognized this issue and rely on smartphones and tablets with mobile scanning solutions. That way, they save considerable amounts of time and work in a real-time connected environment.

Mobile Scanning - A new approach to managing vehicles and supplies

Organization around cars and their maintenance is often related to identification or serial numbers, which can be found on car parts or paper documents. Whether in the workshop, fleet management, or production, these numbers are essential in all processes. Even in 2020, many companies are still using manual transfer of these numbers and note them on paper forms or type them in on a PC. This costs the companies considerable time and personnel expenditure and makes the employees’ daily work considerably more difficult. Photocopying important documents swiftly is also a standard method. However, this only postpones the recording of individual data and creates a considerable burden of information that is no longer compatible with today's data protection standards. Scanbot's latest product, the Scanbot Data Scanner SDK, offers a cost-saving, versatile, and efficient solution for these applications.

What is the Scanbot Data Scanner, and which benefits does it provide?

Conventional hardware scanners are known to everyone. A traditional scanner always captures the document as a whole to prepare it for further processing. Extracting only essential information from a document was impossible until recently since only a few documents contain machine-readable zones or barcodes which enable digital recognition. 

Modern software solves this issue: A vast amount of algorithms from computer vision and machine learning allow it to recognize any kind of text in real-time. That’s what we call data extraction – and our Scanbot Data Scanner SDK accelerates this process so efficiently that the data can be verified simultaneously. 

This happens through patterns (e.g., four figures), checksums, or custom rules. In case you want to use the benefits of data extraction for information that is not part of a rectangular document, or if you want to extract specific information from such a standardized paper, the Scanbot Data Scanner offers the perfect functionality for you. Thus, it can be used as an Automobile Scanner SDK for various purposes related to this area. 

Since we’re now focusing on the automobile industry and its potential use cases, we will discuss the most common data in detail.

As already mentioned, this portfolio can be extended and only serves as a suggestion for the possible use of automotive scanner products. Your company would like to cover a use case that has not been listed here? No problem. Contact us at any time!

The Scanbot Data Scanner is a software development kit (SDK), which can be integrated into your existing iOS or Android app within a few days.

Flexibility & Transparency 

Simplicity and transparency are fundamental to us, especially concerning our pricing model. Therefore, Scanbot offers, in contrast to many other providers, a flat rate solution. The price solely depends on the number of operating systems and the selected package (package 0, I, II, III). 

There are no fees for additional users, scans, or setup fees. Hence, 100% of the costs can be determined in advance. Planning with a fixed budget has never been easier!

For further information, please have a look at our overview of the Data Scanner. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're looking forward to a personal conversation with you!

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