Scanbot SDK pricing: How you benefit from our flat-pricing model

November 15, 2018

Companies are increasingly searching for ways to optimize their workflows. While there are many options, mobile-centered approaches have gained popularity among many companies. Why? Because they require relatively low initial investments. One example is automated document scanning. Our Scanbot Scanner SDK integrates the latest technologies into your existing app easily, and will allow your personnel and customers to access it through any mobile device conveniently.

Document scanning and data extraction are essential parts of process digitalization within companies of all sizes. Besides affecting the firms' internal processes, these parts may also become digital points of contact between the firm and its external customers. Successful scanning automation in business leads to less manual paperwork, fewer documents to archive, and substantial time savings. It also increases data extraction accuracy due to the elimination of manual processing errors. The resulting quality enhancement of the digital files facilitates further data processing and is one of the primary reasons why people are looking for scanning capabilities that can be built into their existing apps.

Benefits of Scanbot’s SDK pricing

Avoiding high installation- and additional service costs

At Scanbot, simplicity and flexibility are essential factors for us. This is also being reflected in our SDK pricing model. While other companies often request extra charges for the number of scans, user numbers, or additional services such as maintenance, our Scanbot SDK pricing is straightforward and does  include fixed-price elements. Therefore, our Scanbot SDK comes as a flat-rate license model. “Flat”- License models are 100% transparent. You only pay a pre-defined annual fee and don’t have to be afraid of any hidden costs.

Moreover, we calculate our flat license fee per platform and app, and the final price depends on two components: the features you require (Packages 0, 1, 2, 3) and the number of operating systems you want to use the SDK on. At Scanbot, we try to eliminate unnecessary costs. Thus, there’s no costly installation fee upfront and no recurring pay-per-user pricing.

No hidden fees

Dealing with unexpected or rapidly changing numbers of users or scans

Some companies find it hard to predict the number of scans that they will accrue over a given period. In these cases, flexibility is what you need. While some SDK providers charge a fixed price per scan, which might sound like a good deal at first, rapidly growing user bases or the number of scans can result in unexpected and high costs. As a result, you can quickly get to the point where volume pricing models exceed the costs of Scanbot’s flat license costs. With Scanbot, you are on the safe side: No matter how many users you’ll get on board over time, prices will always stay the same and won’t increase due to a growing customer base. You will not be hit with unexpected invoices if the scanning feature turns out to be a success.

Invoice procedure and service renewal

We will issue a yearly invoice that will be sent to your contact email address. Thus, there is no hassle with monthly invoices. Our Scanbot SDK license key will only run for one year and automatically stop functioning after this time. If you wish to cancel your contract, you can do so within a month's notice before the expiration date. In case you would like to renew the license, contact us, and we will issue a new license key to update your application.

Scanbot SDK packages

Scanbot SDK Packages

Scanbot SDK offers different pricing modules in three different packages. Package 0 includes barcode and QR-code scanning. Our Package I provides extensive features like document detectionQR-code, and barcode scanning, cropping, user guidance, image optimization, color filters, and PDF creation. Package II adds the features of OCR– and MRZ technology, which are vital aspects if you plan to transform document data into a searchable, editable digital format. Our Package III additionally gives you data extraction functionality.

Would you like to find the best option for your application? Just talk to one of our solution experts. We'd love to discover new opportunities to optimize your workflow with you. If you want to gather more information around our SDK, feel free to check out our blog post about the Scanbot SDK Demo App, as well as our statement regarding privacy

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