🔥 Scanbot 6.5 – Fax for iOS, a new Search and more Clouds for Android

We are excited to reveal the next big updates to Scanbot for iOS and Android. Read all about it now and update Scanbot to see them in action.

Scanbot for iOS

Scanbot is not just an app for scanning paperwork. It also allows you to work with documents and share them with co-workers, fellow students through a cloud service or email. With Scanbot 6.5 we introduce a new option to share documents in a legally binding way: Faxing. Scanbot users can now fax documents to one of our more than 50 supported countries. Streamline your workflow and fax documents from anywhere without the need of an ordinary fax machine.

Why is this so important?
Billions of faxes are still sent worldwide each and every year – with an increasing tendency. This is because faxing is not restricted to old, rusty faxing machines anymore. There are now dozens of service providers that also support electronic faxing. Most of these faxes are related to business. Companies send faxes internally from one office to another or to customers. There are thousands of situations where people need to send documents via fax. For Scanbot users, this often meant to go to a copy shop, use a fax machine or download a fax app with a sub-par experience.

Now, we’re bringing the great experience of Scanbot to faxing. This means there is no account or subscription required, you can use it from anywhere and it’s super secure. So try it yourself and remember that you now always have a fax machine with you!

Last but not least: If you’re a fan of colors, you will also love the new themed app icons that come with Scanbot 6.5 on iOS 10.3.

Scanbot for Android

Our Android team released a huge update, too. Due to popular demand, we added support for Microsoft OneDrive & OneNote for Business, ownCloud and upload via FTP & FTPS. We also have a new way to search for documents with tags. This enables you to find your documents instantly without typing.

Moreover, we polished the app in a lot of places and streamlined the design to give you a consistently great user experience. Furthermore, we fixed a ton of bugs and we hope you really enjoy working with a faster app which is now extremely stable.

Thank you so much for your continued support! If you have any questions or feedback, always feel free to reach out to us at support@scanbot.io or find us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Keep on Scanning and Faxing,
Christoph and the Scanbot team