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December 10, 2018

You are wondering whether our SDK is the right solution for your company’s individual use case? Testing our award-winning SDK has become easier than ever before with the launch of our free Scanbot SDK App demo.

Document Scanning: The four main factors are focus, brightness, perspective, and position

Accurate document scanning – A game changer

You already use an SDK but are not satisfied with the quality of your scanning results? Or are you just starting to automate your document handling processes? Whatever applies to you, we aim to make your life easier. Thus, we are happy to present our Scanbot SDK App Demo.

This app will show you many different ways how to digitize and extract data. When you have found the optimal feature set for your individual use case, you are ready to test the SDK inside your own app. Get in touch with us to receive a 30-day-SDK-trial license with no strings attached.

At Scanbot we believe that a “picture” is worth more than a thousand words. Therefore, just see for yourself and experience our cutting-edge document scanning and data extraction.

Our non-server based solution guarantees the highest privacy and security standards as your data will be solely kept on your mobile device. One thing that our users love about us most is our exceptional user-friendliness. Therefore, just place your phone over the document you would like to scan and let our SDK guide you through the rest.

Do you want to get started right away?

No problem! The only thing you need to test our SDK app is an iOS or Android device. Just visit the Play Store or App Store, download our free SDK app, and start testing the features that could be also part of your app soon.

Different features of the Scanbot Scanner SDK: Document scanning, MRZ scanning, QR-code scanning, data extraction, and medical certificate scanning

Scanbot SDK app demo: Our feature overview

We provide you with our full SDK feature set to test all of our top-class functions and find the optimal solution for your specific use case. These features include:

Do you have any further questions regarding our Scanbot SDK App demo? Then don’t hesitate to contact one of our solution experts today. We'd love to assist you. If you want further information regarding the integration of the Scanbot SDK, please take a look at our blog post about the implementation of the SDK with Flutter. In case you require details about our pricing options, check out this blog post!

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