Scanbot for Lawyers

Learn how Scanbot can help you becoming a better lawyer

Being a lawyer is one of the most respected professions today. But what makes a lawyer a good lawyer? Well, good lawyers must inhabit special skills to differentiate themselves from their competition: first of all, they need to take in lots of information and filter out the key points. Secondly, they need to be able to plan ahead so that they can meet their deadlines. Additionally, a good lawyer is always able to find the best solution based on solid argumentation. Also, as in most other professions, teamwork is of crucial importance to be successful in this specific profession.

Scanbot can help all of you to become great lawyers by…

Scanbot Multi-Page

§ 1 — Increasing your working speed.

  1. No matter how big the case file might be, scan it with the app. Scanbot’s “Multipage“-mode will decrease your efforts to a minimum. Scan as fast as you can turn the pages, apply a filter to all scans at once and save them as one document.
  2. You need to extract your clients contact details from an extensive case study? No problem! With our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) the text in your scans will be directly extracted and searchable.

Scanbot Reminders

§ 2 — Meeting deadlines.

Strict observance of deadlines is everything. Set reminders for your documents and follow your schedule to be on time.

Scanbot Editing

§ 3 — Sustaining your analytical mindset through Annotations

  1. While reading a certain document a thought comes into your mind? Just add a comment into the document and save your valuable idea.
  2. Highlight changes in contracts or documents in different colors to keep track of them. It will simplify the work for you and your colleagues enormously, as it structures, filters and emphasizes the key facts.
  3. Sign documents on the go and save time, as you do not have to print, sign, and rescan your documents

Scanbot Sharing

§ 4 — Being a good teammate and sharing documents directly.

Bigger cases sometimes require division of labor amongst you and your colleagues. Share the latest insights captured in a document directly via email or upload it to your common cloud — automatically!

Scanbot Tags

§ 5 — Staying organized at your office and on the go!

  1. Organization is everything. Just as your archive in your office you should have a mobile one on your phone. Keep track of everything easily and get access to every single document you scanned using folders and subfolders that you can create just as you please.
  2. Set certain naming schemes and the app will name your scans automatically. Use the day, time and location or set individual templates like the client’s name and his case number.

Scanbot TouchID

§ 6 — Being trustworthy by protecting sensitive documents

  1. Since you are carrying sensitive data and information of your clients and their cases, safety is of top priority. Lock the app with a passcode or your Touch-ID to keep your documents safe.
  2. Use the encryption feature and set a password for each document. Share it with those who you want to grant access.

Obey our law, improve your workflow and save time working faster. Integrate Scanbot into your daily job routine and tell us how it works out for you.

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Keep scanning,
Christoph & the Scanbot Team