Scanbot 8 is here with iOS 12 support, Siri Shortcuts and much more

We are happy to announce that the free update, Scanbot 8 for iOS, has been released and is available for all users. Scanbot 8 takes advantage of the wide variety of new features and improvements of iOS 12. We highly appreciate the work Apple has put into the latest operating system update to make it run smoother on all devices. The stability and speed improvements are really important for demanding apps like Scanbot where all operations are performed on the device to have the best privacy protection.


Ready for the new iPhones

Every year Apple improves the camera system in the whole iPhone product line-up. That also means a better scan quality every time you get a new device. The results are better scans in low-light situations as well as faster and more accurate text recognition. And Scanbot will look gorgeous on these new devices.



With iOS 12 comes a new feature called “Shortcuts”. It enables you to get back to your documents by teaching Siri a phrase to recognize and it will also automatically learn which documents you frequently need and when you might want to quickly scan something. It’s only the beginning of a very new interaction and we’re excited to explore what’s possible. We especially love to do this with Apple because they guarantee that all operations only take place on your device and no personal data is shared with someone else. That’s privacy how we like it!


The most amazing tutorial for a scanner app

We love technology! And we love to explore all new features that Apple provides with each iOS update. Like ARKit, the possibility to show virtual objects through your camera lens. Our interactive scanning tutorial places virtual documents on your table to practice scanning if you don’t have a real document at hand. And it also comes with a challenge mode where you need to scan documents as fast as possible. Tweet your high score!


Update your apps now to experience the new Scanbot version or if you are a new user download the app by tapping on the buttons below…