Scanbot 6 – Our Biggest Release Yet

simplified, faster, more efficient

We are thrilled to announce that Scanbot 6, a free update for all users, is out now. We gathered all of your valuable feedback, evaluated and worked on it.

One guiding theme emerged to drive our work on this release — simplicity

We are happy to now offer you a more streamlined experience and a bunch of new features. We believe that this new release will enhance the experience of using the app for every single one of you as Scanbot, the leading mobile scanner app, is now easier to use than ever.


Simplicity, to us, means that Scanbot should be self-explaining. Therefore we tidied up the look and feel of the app — it’s now cleaner and simpler with clearly labeled buttons, giving you the right options, at the right time, at your fingertips.


Using the friendly “Scanbot face” from the beginning, we got really attached to our logo. We received so much great feedback and love for it, which really overwhelmed us.

Anyhow, we are convinced that simplicity starts with the logo expressing what the App will offer to you. This is the reason why we started taking feedback to our hearts which revealed that potential customers had misconceptions when seeing our icon in the store.

We don’t want to be mistaken for being a game — we are the best Scanner App, period.

This is why we started to test many potential new logos, as we listen to all of you — new, as well as existing users. We came up with a brand new icon, an icon that fits our mission… Make being productive easy!

But now let’s dive a little deeper to reveal what has changed in detail


First of all: you are now able to edit your PDFs after you have saved them. This means that you can now reorder, add and delete, as well as rotate pages in your saved PDF documents! This was the most often requested feature in our list of enhancements.

Additionally, you can now use the OCR functionality on any document, even if you did not activate it while scanning. This “OCR-on-demand”, in combination with all of the other features, will help to increase your productivity and enable you to continue working on your saved PDF documents at any time.

Furthermore, we enhanced the annotations feature, as we added additional options regarding colors and pen sizes. Also, keeping it with the spirit of simplicity, we have added a “direct print” button as a new workflow option.

Moreover, we have added new Cloud Services like Amazon Drive, One Drive and One Note for Business or ownCloud to increase Scanbot’s compatibility with your daily life.

We could continue to tell you about all the small and large changes in Scanbot 6 all day, but we suggest that you open the App and just try it out yourself!


As mentioned earlier, we value your feedback a lot and this is why the multitude of changes for the Android version of Scanbot 6 have been performance-related. You might not see these improvements, as they are beneath the surface, but you will most definitely experience the App as being faster, stabilized and more enjoyable by doing what it is supposed to do — scanning.

In addition to these non-visual improvements we implemented further tools for annotating your documents, such as a broader range of colors to choose from or the functionality to change the size of the marker. This enhances the pool of options you get after scanning your documents.

Furthermore, as the majority of you uses Google Drive as their preferred cloud service, we spent a lot of time in making the integration of this storage destination even more seamless. As we said earlier: Simplicity was the guiding theme for this update and this is why we wanted to simplify and optimize your experience in storing and exchanging your files with Google Drive.

We are continuously working on enhancing the app

This update focused mainly on performance enhancements and therefore, you will not have to wait long for future updates. Expect another update in the following weeks, which will be more design-related, containing further features.

We are looking forward to you using Scanbot 6, so update now and spread the word. And please do not forget: If you have any feedback or questions we are active on all channels.

You can reach us directly inside the app (Settings › Support) on Twitter or Facebook and of course via email.

Keep scanning,
Christoph & the Scanbot Team