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Whether it’s in the field of accounting, administration, in the construction and transportation sector, or regarding cash expenditures in various areas: The fast transfer of invoices and receipts is essential for subsequent workflows, especially regarding the reimbursement to employees and accordingly their overall satisfaction with the business processes. Mobile scanning solutions enable every smartphone user, be it your employees or customers, to capture high-quality scanned documents, such as invoices or receipts, in the blink of an eye. Create efficient processes based on intelligent devices and streamline your business with versatile software components for your mobile application. 

Document transmission should not take more than a few seconds – it’s time to make a change 

Documents such as invoices and receipts are omnipresent across industries and need to be sent to the headquarters from various locations. Cash expenses for work material, accommodations, or travel costs are incurred regularly and require efficient processing to maintain high employee satisfaction through frictionless and fast reimbursements. But this does not just apply to internal employee applications; customer-facing applications can profit from digital document transmission through specialized software development kits, such as the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK. Cutting-edge technology leads to perfect scanning results, which integrate perfectly with back-end processes such as OCR text recognition or data extraction. Say goodbye to snail mail approaches and drastically reduce the time spent on forwarding documents.

Postal transmission and poorly digitized documents interfere with your business processes 

Conventional approaches to document transmission are typically based on sending invoices and receipts to the headquarters by mail. However, in many cases, employees also collect these paper documents and then submit them in person to the back office. Both processes are lengthy, usually requiring 2-3 days to complete. In addition, paper documents are often damaged or, in the worst case, lost during the process. 

Although traditional hardware- or specialized invoice scanners are perfectly suitable for digitizing paperwork, they are location-bound and therefore inflexible or even unusable for employees who work remotely or on the road. Dynamic work environments require maximum flexibility. Smartphones as portable scanners are always available on the spot, regardless of an employee’s location. Modern approaches that include smart devices in the document transmission process usually depend exclusively on the phone’s camera. Simple photos that are taken with the device camera often lack the required image quality though, mostly due to user error, poor lighting conditions, or damaged documents. Reliable digital alternatives to snail mail must be made available to both employees and external users. 

In comparison: analog workflows versus your digital alternative

Let’s take a look at the conventional workflow of a company that uses postal mailing to forward receipts for cash expenses: 

Step 1: An employee collects receipts for travel expenses and accommodation on a business trip. 

Step 2: In order to be reimbursed they must now send those documents to the headquarters via mail. Finding a post office is time-consuming, thus they wait until their return. Larger enterprises tend to maintain internal post services, streamlining the process to an extent. Yet, the postal transmission does still take up to at least one business day. 

Step 3: After returning to their branch office, they must print/fill in a form and add the corresponding receipts. 

Step 4: Now, the documents can be sent to the respective department in the headquarters. 

Step 5:  An employee from the accounting department checks the documents and scans them to save the information in the system. Afterward, the reimbursement is initiated and the employee receives their money within the next 24 hours. 

This approach results in processing times of several days, depending on the time taken for postal dispatch. In addition, documents can be lost or damaged along the way. These delays and disruptions reduce employee satisfaction while leading to increased work hours and costs to correct the errors caused by damaged documents or re-obtaining the lost receipts.

In contrast, transmitting documents via an internal app, including the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK, takes only a few seconds: 

Step 1: As mentioned above, an employee collects receipts for travel expenses and accommodation on a business trip. 

Step 2: Now, they can open the internal application on their smartphone and choose “Submit receipt”. The Scanbot Document Scanner is opened automatically, allowing the employee to scan multiple receipts immediately. Afterward, they just need to choose “Send” to forward the scanned receipts to the headquarters. 

Step 3: The processing of the receipts can be triggered automatically, guaranteeing that the reimbursement reaches the employee in no time. 

By using a modern Scanner SDK, the turnaround time can be reduced to a few hours, as the documents reach the headquarters straight away. Employees do no longer need to put effort into finding a post office or hardware scanner and receive their reimbursements immediately. The highest employee satisfaction, less workload for the back office employees, and more flexibility are the results. Combined with a BYOD approach this guarantees the lowest cost level as it avoids the acquisition of hardware as well as the costs for postal shipping. Save time and money by enabling mobile document scanning with the Scanbot SDK.

Why is the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK the perfect solution for mobile document capturing? 

The Scanbot Document Scanner SDK offers striking advantages regarding scanning quality, user experience, and licensing model. We’ve collected the most important points for you: 

  • User guidance: Even inexperienced users lead into the perfect scanning position, guaranteeing flawless results independent of the user’s personal experiences with smartphone-based scanning. 
  • Quality-enhancing filters: A variety of filters compensate for lack of contrast, creases in the paper, or faded print. 
  • Automated cropping, rotation, and perspective correction: Advanced features lead to the required result without calling for manual corrections. 
  • Multiple output formats: Scans can be saved as PDF-, JPG-, or Tiff-files. 
  • Ready-to-use UI: The SDK’s ready-to-use User Interface enables fast integration within one week, keeping the time-to-value as short as possible. 
  • Annual flat-fee: No hidden costs, no volume-based variables, no maintenance fees – everything is included in your annual subscription. 
  • Highest data privacy: Our solution works 100% offline – we never process, track, or store any data on our, or any 3rd party server. 

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