Ready-To-Use UI Scanner Components which will delight your users

About two months ago we soft-launched a substantial addition to our Package I scanner SDK: Ready-To-Use UI (User Interface) components. This allows developers to add the most important parts of a basic scanner UI to your project in no time.

Initially released only for the native versions of the Scanbot SDK, the implementation for the cross platform wrappers followed quickly. The first responses from our customers were extremely positive. They were able to cut the development time by weeks! This new feature can be used at no additional cost by all Scanbot SDK customers. Our team continuously updates the new Ready-To-Use UI as well as the standard components. You always have the choice to go fast or to fully customize your scanning experience.

The main driver for this feature is the fact that you spend most of the implementation time with a flexible, easy to use and modern scanner interface. And since a lot of controls and workflows are already tested in the millions by our Scanbot app, we decided to define one standard UI with everything we’ve learned.

This is also a game changer for cross platform wrappers like Xamarin, Cordova, React Native and more. You can now easily update the scanner component to get new features. We’ve lately added a lot of functionality to the wrappers. And because of the high demand, we’re now updating them much faster.

We are very much looking forward to see more examples of what you will build with the new Ready-To-Use UI components!

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