How Scanbot can guide you through tax season

Creating tax returns is always connected to hours of work and preparation. Even if you have hired a tax accountant, there will be still a lot of effort ahead of you. You will have to collect and organize all of your tax-related documents like receipts or invoices at once. So save time and money by preparing all of these documents beforehand and Scanbot can help you doing so.

Go paperless and save valuable time

Filing and archiving all of your documents like bank statements, bills or receipts takes hours. Rummaging through the mountains of paperwork to find the documents you need for your tax return can even take longer. To bypass this exhausting procedure, start going paperless by scanning all of these documents with Scanbot. Just scan the relevant paperwork when you receive it. This will only take a few seconds and save you time when it comes to preparing your annual accounts.

Scanbot Folders

Organize your documents in folders

To avoid problems, especially legal ones when it comes to tax returns, start organizing your documents with folders and subfolders in Scanbot. Having a digitized archive of all relevant paperwork can save you and your tax accountant countless hours of work and herewith money. Scanbot can easily help you creating a tax folder that contains multiple subfolders for invoices, standing orders or admonitions. You can even set a standard name scheme or use our smart naming feature so that you can quickly find the document you need.

Taxi bill in ScanbotIcons of Cloud Services connected to Scanbot

Easily share tax related documents with your tax accountant

Scanbot comes with multiple workflows that can help you sharing important files with your accountant. Simply share a document or even all invoices at once via email or upload them to your preferred cloud storage. As Scanbot is not bound to a specific cloud service like other scanning apps, you can choose one out of many cloud services such as OneDrive and OneNote for Business, Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud, just to name a few. With the auto-upload feature this will also help you keep a clean record of all your documents in the cloud.

Scanbot Encryption

Encrypt sensitive files to ensure that your data is safe

You would love to share your data with your account via the cloud but you are unsure whether this data should be stored at a cloud at all? No need to worry! Just encrypt sensitive files like bank statements and share the password to the file solely with your accountant. Your document is secured and leakage of information is prevented.

Decrease the amount of work you have to spend on your tax returns, improve your workflow and save time as well as money. Integrate Scanbot into your tax season routine and tell us how it works out for you.

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Keep scanning,
Christoph & the Scanbot Team