Why an MRZ scanner SDK accelerates your KYC onboarding workflow

An MRZ scanner SDK is the most simple way to scan identity documents. And as a result, onboard your users in the space of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) solutions. The Scanbot MRZ scanner SDK is perfect in this case because it complies with all data handling regulations. It is a 100% offline solution, without the requirement of external servers or services. Therefore it’s suitable to be used in highly sensitive domains like banking, investment advisory, risk consulting and the likes.

How MRZ scanning works. The MRZ scanner SDK uses the camera to guide the user into the perfect position. Then captures the document and validates the MRZ. After that the data is handed over as JSON.

Digital transformation and end-to-end digital workflows

The move to 100% digital workflows is happening fast for established companies and a standard for startups in this sector. Using the smartphone of your customers to scan machine readable zones (MRZ) on identity or travel documents proves to be the cheapest and most frictionless way to onboard users. The Scanbot MRZ scanner reads the MRZ which includes the name, nationality, date of birth and the document issuer as well as the expiration date and more. All of that works with documents from over 150 countries.

Manually entering data comes with a lot of error potential and results in invalid data

Fully automated vs. manual data entry

The biggest advantage of MRZ scanning is the verification by checksums to ensure a 100% accuracy. The Scanbot SDK only takes a second to decode the information and pass it to your app. After that, you can process it in a fully automatic way. Because of that, manual data entry by the user would break this chain and require manual corrections on your side.

The MRZ scanner is safe from external attacks because there are no external connections

Why a “no-server” solution is the only feasible way

Coming from a long history of building software with the highest privacy standards in a country with very strong laws like Germany, doo GmbH is the perfect solution partner in this area. The whole Scanbot SDK, including the MRZ scanner, is meant to run on the end user’s device without any other requirements. Therefore, our 100% offline approach complies with all regulations and is safe from external attacks. That’s why it also complies with the latest DSGVO/GDPR regulations of the European Union.

Constant updates to the SDK save a lot of time and keep the scanner SDK safe

Ongoing costs and flexibility

The constant improvements of the Scanbot MRZ scanner SDK are a big advantage. As a result, you never have to worry if an operating system update of iOS or Android will break the SDK. We always support the latest versions and the only thing you have to do is to update it. Our broad availability on all major development platforms also gives you the flexibility to make a change in your development at any time.

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Max Stratmann
Chief Sales Officer

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