Renaming Scanbot for Education & Business to Scanbot Pro

There will be a change in the naming of Scanbot for Education & Business to Scanbot Pro in the coming days and here is why…

First of all: there will be no changes for you as an existing user! The changes only relate to the name of Scanbot for Education & Business and the icon’s color. To begin with, the black icon will disappear from the App Store and is replaced by the original, red, brand icon. Why did we do this? We strongly believe that everyone should get the same customer experience, which doesn’t just start when opening the App, but also when seeing it on your home screen.

Furthermore, we received a lot of feedback from families that used Apple’s Family Sharing feature to get multiple-device access to Scanbot for Education & Business. We therefore thought of the name as being misleading, which is the reason we will, from now on, relate to it as Scanbot Pro. Again, this will not have any impacts on the App’s features and functionality, as these changes are purely related to it’s design.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to write or contact us on Twitter (@Scanbot), Facebook or via E-Mail.

Keep scanning,
Christoph & the Scanbot Team