Digitalization & The current crisis

August 24, 2020

The outbreak of the Coronavirus affects all of us and our everyday lives drastically. Meetings become Zoom calls, the daily way to the office turns into a walk to the living room, and all kinds of paperwork are exclusively processed online. Since we have dedicated our work to the digitalization of workflows, these recent changes were not too challenging for the Scanbot team. But how about companies that are still working conventionally? If this situation teaches businesses one thing, it’s the vital necessity of making every part of the process accessible via online tools, for both employees and customers.

During the past years, everyone working in the insurance industry thought about the pros of a digital workflow and how it would make their everyday work more efficient. Some companies implemented online features like basic communication or information systems for their employees and clients to cover different parts of their workflow. They are able to enjoy the benefits of those already, especially now at times of social distancing. Others were still hesitant, even though the realization that the future is digital was and still is omnipresent. At this point, conventional companies should see the current crisis as a wake-up call and start acknowledging and implementing online-functionalities.

Some pretty apparent advantages of online solutions are the following two factors:

  1. Software is way more agile than paper and local sales offices. It is available anywhere at any given point without requiring physical shipment or being somewhere in person. Therefore, adjustments of the software can be made quickly and straightforward, suitable for the current needs of the company and its customers. 
  2. Smartphones are the multi-tool of our society. People tend to abandon their computers in many use-cases and cover those by using apps on their mobile devices instead. Following this, most users are more likely to use offers if they are available on their smartphones and are not requiring any inconvenient paperwork. 

Now all this information must seem quite abstract at first glance. Let’s take a look at the precise use-cases of a mobile application:

  1. Video calls: One thing we have all become familiar with in the past weeks are video calls. We use them to stay in touch with friends and family as well as for meetings with our clients and colleagues. But how can companies and their customers benefit from this modern communication method? The answer is simple: Your mobile app should include functionality that offers various services via video calls. This affects insurers, the banking sector, lawyers, or doctors. Any appointment that is taking place in person now becomes a video call in the future - a more efficient method for both the customer and the service provider. 
  2. Document-Scanner:  Modern SDKs for your app offer the possibility of scanning and processing various documents types. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with receipts, vehicle documents, energy performance certificates, police reports, proofs of income, or medical documents: They can all be scanned, turned into searchable PDFs by using “Optical Character Recognition” (OCR) and sent over to you in seconds. An interactive user guide leads your customers into the perfect scanning position for a flawless result. 
  3. Customer verification: When focusing on digital solutions, one might wonder how a customer’s identity can be verified, but of course, there are tools for this purpose as well. An MRZ scanner can be easily integrated into a mobile app to scan passports, visas, or IDs by extracting information from the machine-readable zone that can be found on every identification document in the EU and many others. Health insurers are able to scan EHIC-cards, which can be processed automatically as well!

Privacy: The essential factor in digitalized workflows

Since all sectors that can benefit from digitalization are dealing with personal and partly confidential data, privacy is the crucial factor. Offline solutions offer maximum protection of the processed documents. They are exclusively stored and processed on the user’s mobile device and, therefore, never reach any third-party servers. This method makes it possible to extract data, even offline. This type of offline-based solution is compliant with complex security standards, such as the GDPR. No need to worry about the safety of private data or man-in-the-middle attacks!

Digitalization: The perfect time is now!

A digitalized workflow contains numerous advantages for both employees and customers. Especially now, in a time of many changes and uncertainty, one fact becomes pretty clear: The future is digital! No matter how the current crisis is going to develop, it stressed the need for a mobile revolution for sure. Companies should not be hesitant to create mobile solutions for their customers and invest in modern technology. 

In this development, privacy should be a major priority. Focusing on offline solutions will result in the highest possible privacy standards and is the top solution for implementing features in your mobile app. Protect both you and your customers from attacks and make them benefit from convenient functionality all in one!

If you're interested in Scanbot's modern SDK solutions for your mobile app, don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to find the perfect option for your use case. In case you'd like to read more about privacy, please check out this blog post. Our article about contactless payment is going to give you additional insight on possible consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic!


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