5 features that will maximize your productivity in the upcoming semester

Say goodbye to procrastination, time pressure and stress using the following tools during the new semester!
The fall term just started and you are probably highly motivated to structure and organize your timetable. You want to get your things done this semester way better than you did before. Every single time, as it happens again and again, we promise ourselves: ”No procrastination this semester! I will be constantly productive and prevent stress and time pressure at the end of it :-).’’

Let’s be honest. It never becomes reality.

Okay, let’s think about it. What was the main problem in your working method during the last semester? Lack of motivation to tackle things in time? Lack of time? So let us introduce to you the secret weapon that will bring back the motivation to tackle things, get them done quickly and on time: Scanbot!

How often have you been wasting time walking to the copy shop, just because you wanted to scan something? How many times have you restructured your day because you need to go to the copy shop first, before taking care of organisatory things as you need certain documents to be scanned? A contract for your side job, a missing document for your study financing, a termination that just needs your signature. They’re taking your energy, motivation and time for the really important things. Postponing the organisatory work isn’t a good way to deal with it either, as the thoughts of how much you need to get done are buzzing in your head all the time, making it impossible for you to focus on the important work.

Although prints are getting more and more redundant in the digital age, students have to waste their time using the library’s machines and their scanning function as affording an own printer is oftentimes too costly. Some might have tried using their smartphone camera as a scanner, but gave up being disappointed as the quality was not the same as from a professional machine.

But why wasting time, money and energy any longer? Why accept a decrease in quality? Get Scanbot, minimize your effort for scanning and maximize the quality!

Get the perfect scan with…

1. Automatic scanning!

Don’t be afraid that the quality might suffer using your phone as a scanner! Scanbot guides you into the optimal position, takes the scan in the perfect moment and crops it — all automatically. Supervise each step on the display of your smartphone to prevent unpleasant surprises! Just think of the thousands of times when you scanned in the copy shop and needed many attempts to get the perfect scan…

2. Color optimization!

You want to apply for an internship in the next semester break and need your application documents to be in perfect quality? Say goodbye to photographed documents in bad quality as it’s really important that the recipient gets perfectly scanned documents.

Use one of the Scanbot filters to make the scan look like the original document — no shadows or noises, a deeper contrast and a purer white. Ready to send!

You see? Scanning with a scanning machine is a waste of time as you have got the perfect and even better alternative in your pocket!

Let’s go on with other functions of the app that make you work more efficiently:

3. Share and save with one tap!

So you are one of those predestined for losing almost every single handout after the lecture? Needing them at the end of the semester for your exam period, you start canvassing every fellow student who still might have the handouts. Use that time more wisely and work with the documents immediately, as you have saved them throughout the semester.

With Scanbot you can save your scans by uploading them manually or automatically to your favorite cloud or share them via E-Mail.

You will thank yourself at the end of the semester when you have everything you need at a glance!

Even organisatory things like sending contracts will be easy, as you can perform common tasks with just one tap! Your contact at the human resources department of your future employer will be grateful for the fast communication and you can tick another point from your to-do list!

Furthermore, your absent fellow students will also be grateful if you are sending them the handouts they have lost during the semester directly and in perfect quality. Just take the handout, scan it, share it. It is as easy as it sounds.

4. Directly add your signature!

You need to sign an important document like one of your contracts? Add your signature to the document directly using Scanbot! The process of scanning, printing, signing and scanning is out-of-date and takes just too much time…

5. Stay organized!

Scrolling through your camera roll as you’re looking desperately for an important document between pictures of cats, selfies, screenshots, party nights and photographed whiteboards from the last lecture. Sounds familiar?
Keep track of all your documents in one single app! Organize your documents in folders and create names automatically with the Scanbot templates. You can also do it manually — just as you please. Create folders for your contracts concerning side jobs, your electricity and gas supply, financial matters and whatever you need besides that.

You see? Scanbot will simplify your daily life and save you a lot of time for the really important things! As you always carry your little scanner with you, you can tackle things directly and easily, which enables you to keep track over all your documents anywhere and anytime! Go ahead and rock the upcoming semester! Stay motivated and get your organisatory things done in time and the rest will follow!

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Keep scanning,
The Scanbot Team