5 additional features that will make you more productive

Actually Scanbot can help you even further to reduce time pressure and stress, leading to higher productivity! Here are 5 additional features that will help you dodging procrastination:
The last 5 productivity features of Scanbot generated a lot of feedback, so we decided to show you what the app additionally has to offer to enhance your productivity. Here are 5 more little tricks and tools — so let’s make it 10!

6. Create multi-page documents in seconds!

After you’ve been waiting for the printer to be free for your copy marathon, you’re standing in the library scanning the third chapter of a book. Stop wasting time and nerves like that! Scan pages with Scanbot as fast as you can. Just flip through the pages without leaving the camera and save them later as one PDF or JPEG document! Simply scanning the pages without printing them will protect the environment and keeps you prepared, as you carry them around in your pocket all the time!

7. Save time in the long term with text recognition!

You’re looking for a certain paragraph in a text you read a while ago? Working with the digital version of the text, you will be able to use the search function and find that paragraph instantly!

Using Scanbot to scan your literature will make it instantly searchable, as the OCR technology recognizes and extracts the text from your scans automatically!

No need for time intensive manual flipping through pages!

Moreover, the feature enables you to tap on URLs, numbers or locations contained in the documents! You need the number of your contact at your energy supplier? Go to your household folder with all of the electricity bills and tap on the number in the head of the letter to make a call. No web search, laptop, paper or pen needed!

8. Remember the thought!

Are you struck by an idea while reading a paper? Attach a comment anywhere in the document. Highlight important passages and even draw inside your documents.

9. Keep your documents safe!

By organizing all your important documents in Scanbot, you have them at a glance. But what if you keep documents concerning financial or medical matters? Simply lock Scanbot with a passcode or TouchID to keep them safe and protect them from prying eyes!

Furthermore, syncing Scanbot with iCloud Drive ensures a higher level of safety, as you can restore your documents after a potential breakdown of your smartphone.

10. Save time with the PDF and JPEG export!

Scanbot saves your time by exporting your documents directly as a PDF. And, if you want to, you can convert a scan into JPEG images by saving them in your camera roll. No need for extra work on your laptop later on!

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